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Madness: Deus Ex Machina

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Author Comments

This is my tribute to Madness. I tried to make the characters move like martial artists, so this was my attempt. I also deviated from the conventional style by using colored raster gfx. Thanks goes out to all the audio artists who contributed, Krinkels for the series, and the NG staff. Hope you enjoy.


I quoteth...

I dunno, man. One of the great things about Madness was the fact that Hank would always be able to get one step ahead of the extremely unfavorable odds against him. This flash was just about the friggin' clown. Another reason Madness is so wonderful is that the animation is unique, and no two scenes are exactly the same. Just about every scene in your flash was EXACTLY (Notice the caps; this is serious business.) the same. Just a bunch of scenes of the clown ravaging the already dead corpses of the living. All of his moves were recycled, and none of it even made sense. While Madness makes no sense either, it makes sense to a point at the same time. And what was up with the clown anyway? He's not he main character of Madness, and he's not even the coolest. Hank is, by far, the best character in the series. The main thing that I absolutely HATED in this flash was the sound. Traditionally, Madness music is an amazing loop that reaches its peaks during main points of action. Your music, on the other hand, was several terrible techno songs, and a really terrible Japanimation-esque drama loop. Absolutely terrible. That brings me to my final point, being the OBVIOUS OVERTONE OF ANIME FANBOYISM!!1 One of the reasons I loved Madness so much is that it's original. That's right; original. It wasn't based off of another style at all. Krinkels' own doing in it's entirety. I'm not saying that your style was unoriginal in that it copied Krinkels' work, though. It's a tribute, after all, so it should come as close as possible. What annoyed me was the terribly obvious anime hair (I wasn't aware that any sub-characters even HAD hair, let alone a female gender), the HORRIBLY overused sound clip from a cookie-cutter fighting simulator game, the overused jumping sound effects, and the obviously anime-style backgrounds and background colors. In a Madness movie, there are only about four colors that are even used. You used the entire friggin' spectrum!

This movie is a terrible Madness tribute. It does absolutely no justice to the series, and does not deserve the top spot on the Madness Day Winners' list. This movie might've been good on it own... wait, no I take that back. This movie was terrible anyway. The sounds were terrible, the moves repetitive, the colors OBNOXIOUSLY plenty. And the worst of all was the absolute defacing of Hank. Hank doesn't use a complete spin-off of a sword that comes from the retarded anime tradition of using disproportionalized swords that would be impossible to carry in actuality. He uses state-of-the-art weaponry. This flash did COMPLETE injustice to Hank, not only in choice of killing implement, but also to his motives. He and the clown are ENEMIES. I highly doubt that if Hank witnessed the clown being facially raped that he'd do anything to stop it from occurring. This flash is hard on the eyes, ears, and dopamine levels. It sucks.


is good the graphics the program but is awful . Why you put girls in it?
and why the hero is the clown?


You had me up untill after the Dj scene. that big guy was totaly uncalled for, pointless, and completely ruined this for me. If your going to use potty humor make the whole thing so. Don't ruin something so well done at the end with something so crude.


Good animation but your story.... hate it.. you always do the same thing at the end. Not original. Maybe next time you will change your ending...

NO NO NO!!!!

H3ll no!!! HaNk & Tr1ckY W0ulD neVa 8e 4RienDz!!!

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Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
7:15 PM EDT