Madness: Deus Ex Machina

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This is my tribute to Madness. I tried to make the characters move like martial artists, so this was my attempt. I also deviated from the conventional style by using colored raster gfx. Thanks goes out to all the audio artists who contributed, Krinkels for the series, and the NG staff. Hope you enjoy.



first of all.. you got skull f'ked!!!!!!!!! xDDDD clown raped your faic xDDD. nice finisher for that ninja. got kinda weird when the giant came O_o the lasers were funny tho, shouldve had him say SKEE SKEE SKEE SKEE or something. oh and at the end hank shouldve just pwnd the clown. yeah man start your own series, id watch it =D

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Enough to leave the viewer in tears....

This was one of the most magnificent works of flash I've ever seen in the history of flash. The movement was so fluid, the style was brilliant, and the artwork was very stylish. the only thing that bugged me was how the huge madness guy fought with his cock. Nevertheless, you deserve a fucking award of the ages.


ive nevr seen somethn thz awsome. is cool how th clown fuses hiz weponz

holy hell

that was amazing. and i loved the ending. if hank and the clown teamed up nothing could stop them. kinda reminded me of final fantasy at parts. make a sequel dammit!

Another incredible wonder of flash.

I was not expecting you to participate in the Madness day event. When I saw your submission out there, I knew I had to take a look. You have really done an incredible job in my opinion. The artistic direction you took with Madness was amazing to say the least and I enjoyed the flash from start to finish. You have the special ability to take cliche things like Madness, Street Fighter, & Mortal Kombat and turn them into interesting and spell binding experiences. I believe you have just created a Madness that is superior to any one of Krinkels works and this was supposed to be a tribute!


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4.40 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
7:15 PM EDT