Madness: Deus Ex Machina

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This is my tribute to Madness. I tried to make the characters move like martial artists, so this was my attempt. I also deviated from the conventional style by using colored raster gfx. Thanks goes out to all the audio artists who contributed, Krinkels for the series, and the NG staff. Hope you enjoy.


Thats pretty sweet...

There was some minor things that i noted which made me give < than 10... but since the graphics (especially the colors) were so good,.. i decided a 9 from me was decent enough. The biggest thing that seriously made me contemplate scoring lower was the big dude using his giant dong as a weapon. The adult themes, I thought at least, meant the killing of innocents or the odd variety of swords and guns and other weapons available for flash artists.

Ah well... At least the clown won in the end :P

Again... awsome colors.


This is one of the best well designed Madness up to date in my opinon. You did a very good job. Two thumbs up and a must see.

Very bright

Never seen madness with so much colour! Great work man it looks awesome. A tad repetitive- but still awesome. =]


it was good but not the best iv ever seen lets see +3 for uniqeness -1 for repativaty +2 for clown vs clown battle -1 for female killing -1 for a huge peines wepon (grosed me out) +4 for hank -1 for hank saveing the clown +2 for the coulors 6 out of 10 and ill give you for picos


Quite frankly, I now believe you are the best flash animator on Earth, Proxicide, because this---this "madness" I just saw?That was carnage. I mean, if I looked up the definition for the word "carnage" in the dictionary, http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /401770 would be posted.Though the graphics are somehow funky (kinda blurry), my only real issue is the MK vs SF3 color scheme that was used for the title background. Maybe that's you're style now, but it really doesn't fit with Madness, in my humble opinion. Still, though, I gotta have that clown at my next birthday party!


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4.40 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
7:15 PM EDT