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Madness Ball Z - ep. 01

rated 4.01 / 5 stars
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Sep 22, 2007 | 5:55 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Thank you for your kind words. Second part is coming soon in 33 fps , no lag and with ending song :)
Its dragon ball Z in madness style: The whole opening and the first chapter of this amazing serie.
Just enjoy this submition and comment! :)
2nd part coming soon (78%), just tell me what would you like to watch and i will make that- :D



Rated 0 / 5 stars

verdad como un sndiwsh aqui hay otra forma de hacer el sawdish primero
1: primero la barras de mierda
2: un puto autor jodido creandolo
3: el autor deve tener mente de collo
y nos salio un puto video llamado mierda ball z XD


Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is how u make a bullshit animation sandwich
1:you mix a cool animation with a old crappy cartoon
2:then u make a dumb reason u made this shit
3:make it so confusing u will never watch this shit again
AND there u have it


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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad but sticking to the DBZ story a little better wouldnt have hurt.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

screw this shit DBZ is the best first of all goku travlles by his space ship by now to namek and vegeta killed dadoria and killed the other one but when freiza known about it he called the geni force to deal with vegeta and the others and when the fight starts they all lose and when vegeta is about to die goku arrives in time and saves him again from the doors of death and defeats all geni force all by him self
but he let them go he refuse to kill any one and when goku and vegeta go to fight freiza they find captin geni vegita and goku want to attack frieza but captin geni stops them and while the fight with captin geni he reflects the body of goku on him self now there is two gokus vegita is confused but captin geni doesnt know how to control the power of goku and goku kills him but during the fight goku have many engerouse he goes to the healin machine and stay there for 6 hours while that time gohan and krillen and vegeta goes to fight freiza and when they start vegeta is the same power level of vegeta and vegita wants a more exciting challenge he asks freiza to transfourme and man freiza transfourmed and they cant block him now his power level is over million and vegeta is 24000 and suddenly for saving time piccole arrives to help after he have got the power of nails he is now is the same as freiza and while the battle goes freiza transfourmes again and then piccole falls upon freiza's emagenary powers and then gohan is mad and suddenly attacks freiza and hit hard very hard and plasted him aplast made him lieing on the ground for 5 min but freiza then transfourms to his last transfourme and then they all are weak but vegeta while that time was trying to achive asuper saiyen but he must have pure hart to do it so he goes to fight freiza and all of the attacks of vegeta are usless and frieza hit him very hard and then vegeta falls lieing on the ground but goku is out of the machine and even stronger than ever his power is the same as freiza now and freiza's attacks are usless agnis goku and the fight goes and when goku dont have any chance piccole have to cover him while he makes his spirt bomb and gohan and krillen gives piccole all the power they have left and piccole is again powered up and fights freiza and when the spirt bomb is ready goku lanches it and is about to kill freiza but freiza blocked it for worthely freiza have mad the planet namek a dissaster full of laves and the sky is black worthly he killed krillen to make goku mad and
goku is very mad he goes super sayin his hair is yellow and eyes are blue and his strength is unbelivaple but freiza too have a little trick he was fighting only 50% of poer hr powered up to 100%
and the fight goes and at the end goku asks bulma to take gohan and piccole to go to plant earth with gokus machine and goku lanches an angry kamahamaha and freiza lanchues avery huge laser
and the challenge goes frieza is about to win but goku fires as much as he can and plast freiza into peices

notice:all of this only because frieza destroied planet vegeta the home of sayins :D