The cross

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This is a video describing the death and rise of jesus. thanks jazza and milkman-dan your music is AMAZING and you wil notice i used the sun rays from the newgrounds preloader :) and im terrible at putting music in flash so hopefully everything plays back right this is like my 3rd submission so be nice and comment me!!! :) and remember jesus loves you.



I have to say that you are a brave one...things as blatanly religious as this don't come up very often...But keep doin your thing...Start savin some lives ^^

Ahem, but anyway, my critique for the movie, I like the style, but I'd rather not sit there and read Bible verses...maybe have them acted out? I dunno, it sorta took away from the feel...But anyway, I still liked it ^^

A word of advice.

White the animaton was smooth (and I loved the textures on the cross), religion is a very touchy subject. I'm not one of them, but I will tell you to prepare for the worst. There are people out there who think they're right, everyone else is wrong.

Animation: 9/10; it was choppy in some areas.
Style: Perfect 10; loved it.
Sound: Perfect 10; it fit quite well.

Overall, an 8/10. Good work, just don't go into religon or politics.

Fatalflash responds:

yea whell i am prepared a lot of people will think this is crap but thats too bad we will see what happens :) god bless you.

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
5:08 PM EDT
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