Samurai Sword 7

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Up way to the Demon gates! Lin got herself into trouble facing two female devils!She is the only hope of the mission, all hope would be lost if she fails! Lots of action on this one...keep an eye for later episodes if u got lost!


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ahahaha i like the figthing animation

i like this part very much


10 soh pela piada do gogoh hahahahahahhaha

Didn't lose a beat at all.

This was another fantastic episode,i loved that the Ninja & friends fought some demons & devils which had some very nice character designs but i was really impressed with the way the girl fought it even had a humorous sexy scene with all the guys drinking a beer watching and then betting on who was going to win with the demons which i found very funny but the most funny part of all is when everyone say the adam's apple in the devil that looked like a girl and then they proceeded to stab their eyes i was laughing for a good minute after that,overall you did a fantastic job on this episode and didn't miss a beat from the last so in my eyes you deserve another 10 for your great efforts.


i love it the animation is pretty good and i love the storyline of the series
u would make a great anime out of this
btw your joke are fucking funny 2

Reinaldo Frango?

Tinha q ser brasileiro!!
Parabéns pelo esforco cara, apesar de eu nao gostar mutio desse tipo de animacao, dá pra perceber que vc se dedicou bastante! Gostei da parte da "Don't you wish your girlfriend", dos nijas fazendo apostas e tal. Vc anima bem, acho que pra ficar 100% só falta melhorar um pouco o desenho!
Mas eh isso ai, boa sorte!