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Planet Treasure

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Author Comments

Muriel Frega and I wanted to make a thing that was independent of language and a "world" thing, like the paintings we usually do are done. Muriel lives in Argentina and usually speaks Spanish. I live in Canada and usually speak English but our paintings speak global. We noticed the Babel problem. We thought animation might be like a new ground world language. The images and icons are like nouns and the animation is like verbs and syntax and other grammar stuff. It was no problem for Ryan Douglas who did the music; he doesn't write lyrics, he is into instrumental sounds and beats. Musicians, dancers, and visual artists have been communicating without words, internationally for millennium.

It's sort of the theme of Circ: The intergalactic circ ships form a performing company that travels the galaxy; like a sci-fi version of a Circus that crosses borders and goes from language block to block without getting culturally blocked. The characters on the three (ring circus) Circ ships are like carnies, they join the company and come from different races and even different species until they get tired of it (or whatever) and stay behind or get left behind... which is also a lot like the way that artists join into international internet based flash bands and leave them.

Hey! Is this thing deep, or what?

Give it a play.

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Just like you said.

Thanks for letting me know it was artistic in your review, i wouldn't have known otherwise. I really would have missed out...

Well you certainly solved the language problem...

I don't think anyone could understand what's going on here. Still, it was different and had some good artistry.

bsmylie responds:

All you can do is try.

I don't know what is happening either visa vi: internationalism, cross language communication, piracy, or exploitation. Circ was a plan for a series and I don't want to know how it ends or even know how it will develop, it is a leanly fleshed out idea. Trying to use iconic language (like hieroglyphs) isn't so easy when there has been little effort in doing it or creating a visual vocabulary. For awhile I tried to get some artists from various countries to try to use the existing icons that you see at airports... circles with diagonal lines which mean "don't" compounded by superimposing on an other icon (which is about as complex as it gets so far). But, the main thing is: when I plan a series I don't want to know how it ends... I want writing the game/show to be a game with the other members of the band (and maybe, with multi-user servers, an interactive game with audience and writers).

So, yeah, I don't understand what's goin' on either but you can get through this simple, linear, 8 bit inspired, puzzle game and there is a theme and a little reward to go along with it.

(damn 50%, what is my mother going to think?)

Quirky. Needs bug fixing

I was finally able to figure out the controls but they don't seem to make sense. You click and let go to walk in a direction. Counter to most games where you need to hold down a key.

The flying as a butterfly did not work. No matter how much I held down or tapped and then let go, or repeatedly tapped the "up" key, I kept descending.

You might also tag this with 'mild nudity' for that crazy man that goes into the machine during the opening sequence. Also consider having a way to skip that beginning animation if possible.

This shows promise, but is rather oddly put together right now. Very jerky motion. Keep trying!

bsmylie responds:

Yeah... hold down the key and the avitar stops.

I can't understand why you are unable to fly the butterfly. Did you steal it's wings?

There is a way to skip the introduction... press the fast forward key beside the skipping character. But it works only if you have a fast connection or if you have played the game before and it is still resident in your temporary internet files.

Thanks for the view, the 70%, and thanks for the encouragement.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
9:09 AM EDT