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Madness Epiphany

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Madness doesn't have to be violent...

During the production of 'Eternalization', Morrowdays and I decided that we would also make a Madness toon for today. It turned out very well and I was very impressed by Morrow's part (he did the middle part with all the heads and stuff xD). we decided to make the flash none violent mainly becasue Morrow wanted to keep his submissions clean and also becasue I think it will make the submission very unique. Enjoy the show :D

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Different...But not good

I liked how abstract and dramatic this movie was. As well as well animated. But I didn't really enjoy it that much because it was so little. I didn't understand any of it. A madness guy jumps out of a building that is apparently floating in the sky. While falling he morphs several times and just falls through the roof of another building. This was very confusing and pretty boring as well. I mean. You had good animation. You had good music. But if you gave it a halfway decent plot this would have been great. So this was sort of a flop really. Just try again.

i like it.

but violence is what made madness special!!!

pretty good

I liked it, and I'm pretty glad that it wasn't super gorey like most of the other entries

Eh, kinda boring.

the art was kindof scribbly but it was ok. Alot of people won't like it cause thier ain't much violence.

"What the fu-"

Well, uh, I liked the concept. But a) it was a pretty oblique way of manifesting the epiphany and b) the artist needs to sketch from a real gun. It looked like a melted water pistol. oh and c) the "plot" is pretty linear.

His victims get sucked back in - what does that mean? and then he sheds a tear for them. Why does he just now feel sorrowful? the fact that he's undertaking his own death?