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I apologise for a few things, the ending was rushed and how short it seems.

Special thanks to AlphaNuva for ideas and inspiration.

And a good thanks to everyone at mc.net (except SuperMC, CarrotTime And CashleyCool).

Well it is finnaly here -Annihilation- SE, I hope you enjoy it.


good but..

at times the people were too hunch-backed

Pretty darn good!

Hey! Pretty good! Loved it, except that I hate those sprites to death. But besides that, it's pretty well made! Can you supply me with a HTML of it by any chance? If you can, please PM me it. I'll tell you what it'll be used for when it's supplied.

slipz10 responds:

Oh god you're stupid. No way I'll give you a html. Fuck your decompiler.

It was good but not great

There was a few flaws,such as it was a bit stiff,at some points feet were missing,
and you cant put silencers on magnums.
But overall it was a good movie
Oh and gabriel barsch i don't know why youre pointing out flaws in this if you can barely animate without stealing bunnykill sprites

slipz10 responds:

Yeah this isn't my best.
Here's a little test i did just to show i can animate. (Don't complain things didn;t move, i haven;t finished) http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?im age=testtwodb8.swf

a little detail

the zombies have green hands
the agents do not have black blood
you must see more madness to learn more

slipz10 responds:

1. Who gives a shit
2. But robots do.
3. You're a fucking idiot and I hate you.

What was that?

That was almost an exact replica of the madness series. All the people were hunched back and you were VERY scratchy. I give you props on the action and character design though.

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
4:55 AM EDT