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Burning For Revenge

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Well, i cant belive its finaly here, madness day...
this has taken me ages, this was never ment to be a madness day animation, but i worked hard, and its now, by my standerds, a madness day animation.
and then i thought, ill finish this up, have it ready for madness day, and here it is.

sorry about the size, the music took up alot of room and all of that stuff
so without further àdue, here it is.

AND PLEASE RATE/REVIEW, the more reviews i get, the more i can learn.

Can this be put in the madness day '07 collection

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Like the gun at the beginning! And the menu, I wish the gun was able to do more then just shoot, in the way of I wish the gun would decapitate him. The animation is cool, just a bit dramatic in the way of him having anime like super powers. I also thing the bigger madness character could have been better then just an upscaled normal character. That and the blood here is very unrealistic, same with the cracks and the water, and most of the non ripped assets are pretty bland. The end doesn't show any indicator that it's an end, and I literally waited a few minutes for something, I wish it said the end rather then just a weird bar with looping music. Other then that its cool


about the pre-entertainment

i have fired 244 shots and the guy on the preloader scene is still not dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

i doint get it why did he kill himself all he had to do is yoose hes heat vison agine but any way it ws good


Madness is a good flash. I can say it all.