Salad Fingers Episode 8

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Episode 8.
Salad Fingers explores his cupboard.
Hope you like it.



This one is very sad and very human. Salad Fingers didn't deserve this one. This was a little to much.

Just perfect

Really good stuff. The 8 of them are awesome. Weird but original
at the same time. Freaky but wathcable.
Lookin forward for other episodes.

what the ???

lol dude i wouldnt want to know that guy he would creep the hell out of me lol..

"i like rusty spoons"

The creepiest..

Of the Salad FIngers episodes so far, maybe my favourite. And by the way, your series inspired me for a book. :)

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The Story Of Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers was a young boy who lived in a war-engulfed country during WWII. His older brother was in the military and fought in the war. Then, Salad Finger's house was bombed. He was playing hide-and-seek at the time in the safety cupboard. The radiation had mutated him. The only thing keeping him sane from that point was his memories, his brother's dead corpse, and his sense of felling, explaining why he enjoyed to the feel of such things as rust, iron, and sharp objects. From his memories, he re-taught himself about the world. He would go out and find his own explanations for unknown events or things. His radio, Roger, is possessed by the ghost of his father, who has frequently angry at him. Salad Fingers tries to please him, but it is never enough. Then Roger finally uproars at him for "not doing his chores" like any parent would. Salad Fingers' house was not bombed directly, it was exposed to radiation, killing his parents and twisting and reforming the house. Salad Fingers was not exposed at the time. However, he came out when the radiation was at a weak point, and therefore was not killed, but somehow mutated and became somewhat amnesiac.

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original