Salad Fingers Episode 8

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Episode 8.
Salad Fingers explores his cupboard.
Hope you like it.


unusually somber

or maybe it was just Salad Fingers's tears that got to me. or the shift of mood. (instead of bizarre yet amusing, it's just getting more bizarre)

still, it was nice and dark, well animated. i like that.

You also picked a nice time to submit this, right now in Cali it's about 11 with a thunderstorm going on. thunder flashing through my blinds + this episode equals perfection.

Wow, simply amazing.

This deserves to be on the Front Page.

Really, it was that good.

The lovable character that everyone adores, and the great storyline to it on each episode.

Really, who doesn't enjoy this series?

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I see a large improvement of art and animation from the previous one. Like all, I found this very enjoyable and, of course, kinda creepy. Once again, good job.

I thought it was a joke

But then I realized it wasn't.
Good stuff! You get better every time...and I kinda liked the roughness of the first episodes. This one seemed cleaner than the others. :|
Btw, I made a song recently that was inspired by your work. It's on NG - "Ghosts in the walls"

Keep it up!
- Rig

Your best animation.

This is truly your most astounding piece of work so far. Not only was the superb animation and use of different angles effective, but this seemed to give an entirely new layer to the character of Salad Fingers. Your writing, acting, and skillful character animation perfects this into being my one of favorite pieces of moving art.

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original