Salad Fingers Episode 8

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Episode 8.
Salad Fingers explores his cupboard.
Hope you like it.



My new favorite. I loved the emotion and atmosphere in this.
I'm going to watch it again.

That was awesome

Yay! I've been waiting forever, it was great!

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Just when I though the interwebs were safe.

Though I only occasionally think that you, Mr. Firth, might have finally let the world off the hook and finished unleashing the unwellness that is this series on a cold, cruel world, you once again renew my faith in nameless viscid groaning ennui.

The secondary layer to the oddness is that I hadn't even though about this abomination of the id that passes for a cartoon in many a moon, then suddenly, as I sit at my keyboard innocently surfing the net for porn, a fetid thought gyres and gimbles in my wabe and then I, rashly, look up your site. The tertiary offense is that, on this very day, you decide to allow the festering gangrenous wound that is "Cupboard" unfold its limpid evils upon my very own computer screen.

Now I feel I need a very hot shower.

And my porn is ruined.

Well done, Sir!

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When i review madness i say its getting better and better when i rewiew slad fingers i can say its getting werdier and werdier...love this one keep em comming and pls make some sence next time<sorry for bad english> 9/10

Salad Finger-licking Good

It's been ages since the last Salad episode but it was worth the wait. This episode is well done but I still feel that it lacks alot of the edginess that we saw in the first few. After having re-watched all the episodes - it finally dawned on me that the Salad Fingers series seems to be channeling the 1979 movie Eraserhead by John Lynch. Anyone who likes SF should definately get that movie. After watching it, watch SF again and you will understand both films better. . . because in heaven everything is fine.

I love the environnment in this series. I've mentioned this in a previous review but I have to say it again. It's an enigmaville, a bus-stop in acid town without all the cliches that those terms might invoke. The radio used in this episode echos something that's been happening in the SF series since about episode 5 or 6. It seems that Mr. Finger's world is slowly turning against him. Whereas he tended to be upbeat in a creepy way in the first few episodes, he is now haunted by a "the war" and often ends up in a sad state. I get the feeling that this "war" may be a parallel to the current Iraq war that has claimed the lives of British soldiers and the author may be expressing his discontent in this series by tormenting poor Salad Fingers with "the war" and talking radios that always have something bad to say.

I know I can relate and makes me wish I had a cupboard to explore.

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Sep 22, 2007
1:08 AM EDT
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