Redness Precedence

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Update: 10/15 - 5:00 PM EST - I'm working on Hunt of the Shoopacabra, as of now. It will be done in January of 2008. So, I will work on redness as soon as I finish it.

**The Precedence Track is now available for download on NG. Click the link to download!**

Update: 9/26 - 4:24 PM EST - 8th place in the Madness Day Contest. I can't believe I won a prize! When I get my new latop, I will work on Redness 2 immediately. I'm even going to try to finish several of my side project ideas. <3

Update: 9/22 - 12:02 AM EST - I went to bed and woke up to a 4.17 rating and frontpage. Newgrounds, I want to thank each and every one of you. You have really made Redness worth while. I'm going to work as hard as I can on episode two. <333

Update: 9/22 - 2:55 AM EST - 4.08 Holy shit! Thank you so much NG. This really means a lot to me. Everyone have a great Madness Day.

**Please submit to Madness Day section**

First of all, I want to warn you. Please, watch on MEDIUM QUALITY. Due to colors, this gets a bit laggy. This wasn't the best-prepared animation, so there's a bit of extra bulk. Anyways, after nine months of work, I'm done. This big sonofabitch took three tries to export. Each session of exporting took approximately 30 minutes. This animation is seven and a half minutes and contains 14,000 frames of Mafiozo goodness.

Now, the intro was done within my first few weeks of Flash. I went back to fix some of the bad animation, but I couldn't perfect ALL of it. So don't blam this instantly. Watch the movie first, then vote. After about the first minute, it starts to get a bit better.

Also, I'd like to thank Shrinkz again for voice acting for the part of Felix Verdi. Not only did he do a decent job of voice acting, but he stuck with me through a whole folder of Verdi dialogue files. XD

Now, for those of you a little confused on the story, here's how it goes. The story follows Giovanni Russa as he, Vinny, and Roy, are sent by Murder Inc. to take out Lenny Collichio. Lenny used to do business with Murder Inc.'s don, Salvatore Lombardi, but started to take more than his fair split of the dough. Before Sal could whack Lenny, Lenny flew the coop and opened up a spa in Brooklyn. This is basically where Redness Precedence picks up.

I really hope this could be a series that everyone will follow in the Madness Collection. So, vote fairly and please review. I will take criticism as long as you don't start cursing me out like an idiot. Hope you all enjoy.

-Alpha/ The Verdi



this is a great madness movie. First time I've watched a madness movie with characters that have voices

Giovanni russa is SICK

ok why is his last name russa tho? idc but where did u get the idea of them talking? ohh nvm... it rocked!!! i give u 100/10

great story but

dude there is only one problem and that is that the camera is tooo close but everything else is great

Pretty cool

A definite improvement from the origional.
Nice job.


Very nice animation, I can't wait for next part !

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Sep 22, 2007
12:54 AM EDT