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As in the description, this is an alternate version of a Madness flash. Here's to Madness Day 2007!

A lot of people will probably use the same method to making a madness flash as Krinkles, but I tried something different. I hope you like it :)

Yay front page! :3

I made my flash this way because I knew almost EVERYTHING entering the portal would be the same animation style. A lot of people don't want change, so it was worth a risk. Anyway, hope you enjoy :3


Holy *$^%!

He grew arms! Another great flash from one of my FAVORITE flash submitters! I loved how the Man/Demon Wolf thingy was a bit DBZ-esque before he transforms. Another great flash with a style that I actually prefer to the original. Kepp them coming chief. Maybe you remember me Soft Taco review? WHERES MY ICE CREAM BITCH!? :P

Well you did say alternate reality...

That was well done.
Definitely alternate.

Loved the first half with the tall Madness.
Loved how Jeebus stepped in and made things play out a bit different.
Then you really have to put on the reality goggles on to keep up.
This really grew on me.

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very skillful

i actually attempted something similar to this style drawing in my school books, so i like the way this works and animates. madness rules, originality rules, you combined the 2. so you rule!

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Well, the animation was pretty good, I liked it. Wildhunter can pull the stick out of his ass and lick it. But. I thought this was going to be a remake of sorts of the original Madness, but it didnt come close to doing something like that. Unfortunately. But it's still good for what it has.

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arms in madness ???

i dont understand the ending !!!

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Sep 21, 2007
11:42 PM EDT