MadSeth 2: Revelry

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Welcome back to the MadSeth series, this time around, Seth faces off with Ganondork, who is tinkering with things best left alone...
--Oh, and if you happen to stumble upon this, please recommend it for the Madness Series.


I :3 IT

I :3 the part when it is going to be continued and the scared guard got sliced off his head, made me laugh and when he got hit with the policeman's stick at the back, the first i saw a hero got hit in this kind of movies. great.

Rapheus responds:

Yep. Seth's not invincible. Hey, even Hank took two shots from underlings in Consternation.


cool man i love this keep up

Rapheus responds:

Workin on it :)

Well, this is a nice sequel.

I have never seen a guy who created a series which made 2 episodes on the series debut day.

You have nice work and nice work time so that you can submit 2 flash submissions on the great Madness Day 2007.

It is much more better than the first installment, you make a great flash submission.

Rapheus responds:

I think I made these six months or a year apart, but uploaded them both on the same day. I don't think Madness Day existed before '07, so I didn't really have anywhere to upload my MadSeth.

And thanks! I learned much since the first installment, and experimented with humor this time around.

Whats epi 3 called


Thats a name i will have to ponder for a while...
I wonder where I've heard that name...

Rapheus responds:

I believe that was the last name of one of the women in the first Alien movie. But don't quote me.

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Sep 21, 2007
7:11 PM EDT
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