Xionic Madness

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Xionic Madness 2 is out! check it out :D

Sorry for making you work a bit more Tom :( I don´t know if i will be online at all tomorrow and I don´t want to take my chances with this thing. I told you in a PM D: but you never replied >_>.

Hello NG people :O! I present to you. Xionic Madness
This movie has a runtime of about 10 minutes, fairly decent, isn´t it >:)?
I decided not to follow the common madness style, but to just use it as a basis for this animation, if you have seen some of my animations you will recognize my style´s influence almost immediatly.

The filesize is pretty big, so stay with me for a while XD

Well, vote fair >:) and don´t forget to submit it to madness day 07



Did I hear some dragonforce in there? I think I did.
Lollercakes at the colossus reference

Very good.

K. You did a good job with this thing. But there are some issues to work out, of course.

Firstly is, I've been watching your work for years now, and it does not seem you have evolved much. I found your fight scenes more exhilarating back in the day. Just seems that after so many years, you should be destroying your earlier work, but it fails to go above and beyond what you used to do.

Another issue is pace. The content and structure of the movie did not seem to parallel the pace well enough. The fight scenes seemed to be slower than they should have been, and did not last long enough. There were simply small sprints of action. And the music was not dynamic enough. Music can control pace of a movie very well when used correctly, and it did not pace this movie correctly. Sound effects work the same way. Going from just music to constant slashing and killing sound effects and quicken the pace of a movie as well. There seemed to be a lack of sound effects, and did not seem to help the pace a whole lot either.

The storyline was another issue. Not that it was too thin, because thin story can hold up in an action movie like this very well. Thing is, it only holds up when it works in parallel with the movie itself. Like...Maness movies are pointless violence with a very thin storyline, and the storyline is displayed and explained in the same fashion. Short and quick. Story never got in the way of the action. This is not the case with yours. Your story is thin, yet it slows down the pace of the movie by trying to be a more noticeable presence. This simply does not work.

But, even with all this "critique", you managed to make one heck of a movie. Keep it up.

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i love it!!!!!

can't wait for the next one, kick ass!!

Nice Action piece, though derivitive

The art and animation was stunningly done, you are truly gifted in that end of storytelling. You should really be a graphic artist, probably in the game field. The problem with the animation came with the dialogue and story. The plot was ok because it was supposed to be derived from madness, though it could have used a little more personality. What really lacked personality was the characters and dialogue. You made cool characters that are absolutely uninteresting. The way they conversed was just bad writing that didn't fit. Either work on your writing ability or get someone you know whos good at story writing.

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fuckin sweet!!

this shit was the shit i loved it keep up the good work, i hope to see more from you

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Sep 21, 2007
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