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Yoshi's berry bad day II

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Password for this movie is BerriesRule

Yoshi is back but this time. He's on the hunt for more berries then ever come hook or crook he will do anything to get the delicous berries of Yoshi's island. Will Yoshi be able to find those berries and satisfy his hunger again or will he be left out with his stomach to growl.

Special thanks to Sir Warrier 1,darkdude ixi, & anybody else i showed the demo to for beta testing and giving me opinions and suggestions.

If your looking for the password here it is

Vote fairly people. if you hate sprite movies please then just don't watch and don't vote it will help me out a lot better in the long run thanks.

Please enjoy Yoshi's berry bad day 2

P.S The ending credits is actually a modified remix and i don't know who to give credit to so if anyone knows the artist to the ending song please say so so i can properly credit them thank you and enjoy.
One more note. All scenes except for the very 1st one is blocked until the movie is finished a password will be given at the very end once the credits finishing rolling also there is 3 easter eggs in
the movie. So happy hunting ^^

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holy SHIT!

you used music from; super mario rpg, super smash bros (smash ball,). those are my FAVORIT games, i love love love,(million more loves) this video!! if i didnot hear afew songs, write back. thanks fore makeing this video. (if ya want be freinds, my name is aurora.) write back!!! love aurora.

It's good, and I'm a fan of sprite animations!^^

I can't complain about the animation, it was really good. Some of the backgrounds didn't fit together in loops and some parts were slow to watch, but that's all.^^

The story was there, but it was really random at some points, but I'm a fan of random, random iz gud! In fact, I believe this would be kinda worthless without randomness. :3

Improve the small details in your animation, and add some more action to the scenes.

And make more stuff like this! :3

No easter eggs 4 me :(

good movie though- yoshi is beast


I like sprite movies, and this wasn't different. One thing, though, if you're going to make a really long loop like Yoshi falling or running or sledding, then add something in the middle to spice it up. I did like it though.


OMG!Gommbella and Koops???From Paper Mario 2 ??????

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4.02 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2007
3:19 PM EDT