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Help Nigel clean up our streets and teach bad people a valuable lesson in life. This is a basic chasing game which I made for Yr 12 Multimedia. I'm pretty happy with it, though I'm sure there is room for improvement.

I know there is no pre-loader, I'm really sorry! I didn't know how to do one. Please just be patient for a little while at the start and hopefully it will load up nicely.

I'd love some feedback, thankyou =)




The graphics were decent but your story was really quite boring. I kinda trailed off a bit in my own head and realised it was still on. Cool.

really the song made me sleep that the game play was really really bad.

Not Hot

Way too short, too easy and too boring. The art was ok but it was too dull to be given a good score. It needs more length and substance

Yeriaf responds:

Are you serious? Ouch. I'm just a student, go easy.


the character was rather queer looking

Yeriaf responds:

He was meant to be, that was part of the humor.


Like the music, the opening is good, the rest not so much

Yeriaf responds:

Thankyou. Unfortunately, I didn't write the music...

OK, but could do with a few extra bits.

In general this was a good game, but still far from being great. My main issue is that you don't get told when you lose a life. It would rate higher if running into a bin slowed you down a little, or you tripped over a cat/crack when you hit them. I'd also like to see a sequal with more levels growing some sort of twisted storyline. A good starting point, but a lot of work could be done on it.

Yeriaf responds:

Thankyou. I may do a sequal in the future, I just didn't really have time to add levels because it was a school project that I only had a couple of weeks to do. I appreciate your advice about the tripping over and some kind of indication that he's hit something. Bluntly, I just didn't really know how! Oh well. Thanks again =)

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3.10 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2007
5:00 AM EDT
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