Kitchen Knife Action 2

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Hey everyone! Here it is: Kitchen Knife Action 2: Reprisal. This time, the tomato is looking for revenge on
the knife that betrayed him. Now this is not the last in the series so... you know... the later ones will
be better than this one so stop your bitching.

update: I changed the link at the end of the movie to go to my new website which iiiiiis: www.atomic-chicken.net



right. its a weird animation, but good enough. my advice would be to not just roatate the symbols, actually change them around and stuff. for example, when the knife was looking into the sink after the first knife died, it could have just bowed a bit insted of tilting the hole thing. (wen ur looking down, do u just move your head, or do you go on a total 75 degree slant)

Jezzem responds:

well thanks I'm glad you didn't hate it but a knife is stiff and doesn't really have a head.


Well dude its not the best, but I like it, its not super great, not is it super bad, I like the idea of vegtables battling utensiles, and I'll I have to say is work on the animation, and try to get so voice acting in.


At least I dont feel like that's time I'll get never back. This series has serious potential. Im not going to gripe about the quality, Im sure there will be plenty of people that'll do that already. Honestly, as long as you keep plugging away and honing your skills, it can be good. Also, I'd suggest fine-tuning the timing as well. Things seemed to lag a bit in dialogue. (If there was such a 'dialogue') Overall, it wasnt bad, I can see potential in it, but it still wasn't great. YET.

Jezzem responds:

Finally! someone gets it! you know that bit in the commentary where I said "The later ones will be better so stop your bitching"? that's what I was talking about! I'm not saying that this is that good but I think that I can make it better.

You made a second one?

And I reviewed your first one too. I was clearly being far too nice.
OK, like before, the only thing good was the comment on the people who had used up their broadband. But that's it. The rest really didn't have any effort put into it. Come on, like how popular is knives killing a tomato gonna get anyway? Your first one only just scraped through, and this one shouldn't. If you are going to make a movie on this then put some bloody effort into it or else it should fail.
Nothing is good and I take back any good comments for your first one as well. Work on a flash that has a good idea, not just one you thought up of on the toilet.

Jezzem responds:

you call your review for the first one nice? You and your squad of blammers trying to get rid of any flash that isn't perfect obviously have a different definition of "far too nice" to everyone else, plus what have you done that grants you the authority to say that something should be blammed because its not perfect? Oh right your ONE flash submission which is a light tutorial! And there are going to be more episodes asshole so settle in...

Nice :)

Lemme guess...Madness inspired?
The story line was ok, but the background was pretty dodgy...
All in all, nice work!

Jezzem responds:

only the part where he comes back from being dead... But there IS a reason he keeps coming back, and you'll find that out in the third one...

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3.05 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2007
2:57 AM EDT
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