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:the Composer:

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The Composer is an animation following the life cycle of a young boy to adulthood, who uses the purity of music to heal wounds, and inspire the hearts of others.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this, it has taken a lot of work.
Thanks Tom Fulp for your fantastic support, and Francine Louise for your voice talent


really good

i really liked it, except the cliche newspaper bit. you really didn't need it. the crowd thinning was a clear enough indicator of is shrinking success. Besides that i thought it was truly amazing.

Well...it was OK

I congratulate you on getting to the position of 2nd favourite submissions of all time, it is a -good- flash, but I felt there was something missing; or maybe something that occurred once too many times in life. Your flash was inspirational, it affected your characters as well as the people of newgrounds. I'll give you props for your animation which was fluid on only one main character (yes i'd like to have seen some more detail on the other characters, that's just me). You simulated a lot of real life events in your flash and yet the way it ended seemed kind of...cliched. There are many accounts of children being abused or neglected, but the way he found a small child exactly like himself who just happened to be on his way, just ruined the mood for me. I know that was probably essential to your goals and I know lots will criticize me on this review and score I gave you.

Something can be felt.

I felt emotion, but it wasn't the great amount I expected that I got from the others. Still good, though. The soundtrack was excellent where he was leading the orchestra. It would have been cooler if he entered the punk concert and recieived this whole new feeling where he made punk music with a classical twist using the background orchestra. It's still good, though.

Would be terrible if not for proficient animation.

I can't believe how poular this flash is. This is maudlin crap on par with an ABC movie of the week starring a slightly-past-her-prime Bo Derek. As for the animation, you certainly have a defined, if not generic, style and professional skills. The music is boring, as you quite obviously lack the ability to compose a non-diatonic chord progression. Apparently, pathos is best communicated through slow, plodding minor chords.

Things this flash would benefit from:

Subtlety: He's sad because his eyebrows are like this / \. There are other ways to convey sorrow, that don't automatically correspond to horrendous cliches.

Better Music: If he's such a good composer, why is his music so poor?

Knowledge of emotions caused by divorce: See "Heavy Traffic," a movie directed by a certifiable retard who still understands the complex range of human emotion better than you.

Despite this, you do have talent as a cartoonist and at least a cursory understanding of music. It would be a shame if you let your talent go to waste on uninspired tripe. Next time you make a flash that attempts to communicate to an audience beyond deteriorating, phallocentric nerds, do so with tact.


i will say you have done a grate job. the storie, the sound, the grapic was realy unik., but not my styel.

ps. keep up the good work

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2007
12:21 AM EDT
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