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Arsenality Rpg Trailer.

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Author Comments

I'm planing on making a RPG with a lot of weapons, right now I don't have much, but if you want to help this little project, please PM me with your ideas.

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When are u gonna finish it?

i hope it really comes out unlike some games which do not actually come out....anyway please do it.


The trailer looks awesome man. It also makes me want to work on the music. I'll try and make a couple of loops tonight. Your skill with flash has improved and I really can't wait to play it. It probably doesn't hurt that I'm in the game..but I really am looking forward to it, hahaha. I'll ask a couple of friends if they know anyone else who'd be willing to help out with the animation. Good luck with it bro.

Akitta responds:

Totally friggin late review....awwww....how did I not see this! ><#

Umm..thanks man...uhh..November 9? ah...shit...-.-

Wow, great!

So ARSENALITY isn't becoming a movie series? Could I maybe make it into that? I have some cool ideas for a story, so if I may. =) Please PM me for that.

As for the trailer, the graphics were really cool. Too bad you used some of your old trailer graphics too. Anyways, the number of weapons was cool. But, if you have a ranged weapon, a gun, for example. Wouldn't it be way too easy to kill someone with only a sword? RPG's are really hard to balance, y'know. But, I really like the concept. I'm really looking forward to this!


Akitta responds:

Shooting a guy with a sword with a gun...hmmm...what if he wears armor? ^^,

Sweet idea

This has otential...its gonna be rad when its all come together. And the whole being your own hero like BattleOn is awesome too for sure. I ve PM'ed you as well

Akitta responds:

Heh...BattleOn was the inspirement for me to do this. XD

Looks awsome! And i PMed you with a lot of ideas

I can't wait until the game is finished:D with the help from everybody I think this game will be a great New Grounds success!

Akitta responds:

I don't....I'm just so much of an ego maniac I want to make a game where I'm a main character. Just like Battleon. XP

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2007
5:13 PM EDT