Flash Cricket 2

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This is a cutdown version of our new game (so don't complain it's not the full game!)

It's kind of a follow-up to our original Flash Cricket game of a couple of years ago, but it's pretty different, as it uses 3D figures. We put it out very quickly, so we're aware that it could use more sound effects etc, but please let us know what you think.

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This Game i so short!

What a short game. I am so disappointed that this is not the full game. the makers should just make the public happy and make the full game. Everytime i win a challenge i think "WOW, this game would be so much better if it was the full game. The creater tried to cover his tracks by saying that we mustn't write how short the game is but we as the public know that he is just trying to play a prank. I always dreamt at night about playing this game but now i can only dream for five minutes. what a waste.
An angry player


How in the heck am I supposed to hit the ball? it bounces incredibly erratically, almost randomly, and not in any way I can set up to even hit the ball, let alone a 4. Work on the physics.

What the hell is cricket anyhow?

The game looks good, and I guess it plays okay, but I'm not really sure.

I have no idea what the rules are for cricket, so I was hopelessly lost on the scoring and goals for the levels. Some instrcution on how the hell the game works would be helpful.

I also didn't get past level one after numerous tries because, either I suck, or the game is too difficult. But again, I had no idea what was going on, so for the sake of other players, I'm hoping the former.

I dunno, man. Cricket looks just about as fun as baseball ... that is to say, almost no fun at all. I'm not a sports guy, so I probably shouldn't have played this game. I was really hoping it would be a platform game where I WAS a cricket. Oh well.

Hmm, could work, but....

Ok, the graphs and concept are nice, but at the moment it is just not very playable. It is impossible to hit the ball seeing as you can't really get the right timing, that is, if there is a right timing. On every single ball that I got the ball bounced over the head of the guy making it too high to even reach. If you get it at least a bit easier it might be possible, untill then, too bad.

Too difficult to hit

I just found it way too difficult to judge when to swing in order to actually hit the ball. The game just didn't seem engaging enough to me for me to want to get past my frustration and figure out when I actually needed to swing to hit the ball well. Besides that, The first time I actually got four hits on the first task, it still told me I failed. Did it have to be 4 hits that scored a run or what? A couple of them were caught on that go, but the task said nothing but that you needed to hit. Which I did... 4 times. My failure at that point was just too much frustration to even feel the game worth any further time.

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3.46 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2007
4:43 AM EDT
Sports - Other