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Author Comments


Wow, this really sucked to make. Anyway, a few things you should note before watching this:
1. It starts off very slow. Infact, the first 10 or so seconds will just be a completely blank screen which fades in slowly, this is because the song fades in, and the animation goes with the song, so the animation fades in as well.
2. It is pretty fucking graphics intense. I already have the quality set to medium automatically, other than that, there's nothing else i can do. Sorry.
3. Yeah, it doesn't have a story, and if you're expecting a story, don't watch it. The flash makes about as much sense as the lyrics. And last but not least
4. Write constructive criticism, please :)

Also, my website is not working properly as of now. This animation was finished on the 4th, but I wanted to update my website before i submitted it here. Unfortunately, it looks as if that is taking longer than it should with some technical difficulties, so screw it, i'm submitting anyways.

Enjoy the film!


nice work

music was great, sync and timing were perfect, but I only wish the background images actually had some relevence to the lyrics, like barbed-wire fences and digital clocks, etc. instead you just had what appeared to be flowers, eyeballs and some guy walking around. otherwise, nice work

notorious responds:

well, some of them do. For example the boy on the bike, and when the words "lightbulb stem" come up a lightbulb growing roots animation appears. Anyways, thanks for the good review!

it was cool

one of da best lately

I got to this too late!

I'm sorry, if I had seen this before I would of voted it to try to get it into the top 5, but by the time I got here I was too late. Funny thing, if you put Zelda references in this movie, you probably would of gotten the position (as noted by the daily 1st and 2nd).

This is some trippy stuff you got here, very bizzarre music, and I'm the kind of guy who listens to The Mars Volta for hours on end. Animation wise I liked it, you took the risk of making it like this, and most compitent people will enjoy it, I know I did. This movie had actual animation, it was weird yes but it was enjoyable to watch none the less. Was it perfect? No. Will some people not like it? Of course not. But if they dont have any kind of rhyme or reason for hating it then they should go watch Super Mario Brothers Z Episode 9, I think thats the one where Alvin doesn't animate anything.
Bottom line, this movie DESERVED top 5, but because the Newgrounds population is emassed with teenage morons, it wont get there, and for that i'm sorry. It always sucks when someone creates an original idea and doesn't get rewarded for it.
Anywho, keep up the good work.

notorious responds:

lmao thanks for the good review


the music was great so were the graphics was a little hard to follow song but
like the guy below me said the words made it easier to follow. i dont really got
any tips cause u made a great movie. this movie was added to my fav's

notorious responds:

woooo favs

Very nice

WOOT!!! All my 5s are belong to this!

Now for the helpful stuff you requested.
Very nice, the animations seemed to fit very nice with the song. I just wish there were more unique animations. I'm not a huge fan of the song, but the animation make it interesting and easier to fallow.
So, besides for some more unique animations you would have gotten a 10.

notorious responds:

thanks for the HELPFUL ;) review!

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2007
8:11 PM EDT
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