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Wow, this really sucked to make. Anyway, a few things you should note before watching this:
1. It starts off very slow. Infact, the first 10 or so seconds will just be a completely blank screen which fades in slowly, this is because the song fades in, and the animation goes with the song, so the animation fades in as well.
2. It is pretty fucking graphics intense. I already have the quality set to medium automatically, other than that, there's nothing else i can do. Sorry.
3. Yeah, it doesn't have a story, and if you're expecting a story, don't watch it. The flash makes about as much sense as the lyrics. And last but not least
4. Write constructive criticism, please :)

Also, my website is not working properly as of now. This animation was finished on the 4th, but I wanted to update my website before i submitted it here. Unfortunately, it looks as if that is taking longer than it should with some technical difficulties, so screw it, i'm submitting anyways.

Enjoy the film!



ur so talented pal!

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notorious responds:


I really like it

I really like it...
But the kinda lack of plot made it so I looker at different snipits of the animation at different tmes on different days at different hours...

Really good art, like always. You are still awesoem.

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Pretty cool

I wasn't too fond of the music, but the animation was quite well done (liked the eye, especially) and the aproach was unique and interesting. Maybe if the music was something more my taste I would have enjoyed it more, but I think that the animation and the music matched in a near perfect, creative way. Overall, good job. Very much worth watching; somehting I don't usually end up saying about a flash on the front page of Newgrounds. Lol.

notorious responds:

lmao true the front page has been a bit dissapointing lately.

One of the finest examples being 'pussy hairs'

thanks for the good review!


this video were nicely done and the song and the lyrics were hypnotic. So its 10 stars to you...

not a cartoon.

one of the nice things about the internet, is that we aren't tethered to the constraints of some teacher or company or rulebook giving us limits or guides on what we can or should or cant or should not do with the tools in front of us.
Even better, is that due to this, artistic concepts can be reached with no ramifications other than time spent. That said, it's a wonder little arty things like this aren't made more often.
first, as I said in your ng blog journal thing, props on using subtle. I have yet to hear a song by them I dislike.
as for the flash itself, it was a very very clever take on what most people who use music videos do wrong.
when people make a music video it usually falls into one of the two categories:

A.) someone just animated the lyrics with nothing to attract the viewers attention

B.) someone animates the lyrics exactly as they are as opposed to interpreting them in some creative fashion.

Alot fall into these categories. Alot of my own shite falls into column B.

What's neat is what you've done here, is do something witty with the lyrics. As the song changes, so does the way the words appear on the screen. The words actually evolve with the song. It's very entertaining, like being in a maze of words.

That, and there's some nice psychedelic eye candy in the backround for those who don't feel like reading.

It all comes together quite nice.

also, butts.

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notorious responds:

Thanks for the awesome review, man. One of the most detailed so far, as is expected from someone talented in animation themselves.

Can't wait to see more from yourself!

oh yeah and eat my asshole you fujcker

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Sep 16, 2007
8:11 PM EDT
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