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Wow, this really sucked to make. Anyway, a few things you should note before watching this:
1. It starts off very slow. Infact, the first 10 or so seconds will just be a completely blank screen which fades in slowly, this is because the song fades in, and the animation goes with the song, so the animation fades in as well.
2. It is pretty fucking graphics intense. I already have the quality set to medium automatically, other than that, there's nothing else i can do. Sorry.
3. Yeah, it doesn't have a story, and if you're expecting a story, don't watch it. The flash makes about as much sense as the lyrics. And last but not least
4. Write constructive criticism, please :)

Also, my website is not working properly as of now. This animation was finished on the 4th, but I wanted to update my website before i submitted it here. Unfortunately, it looks as if that is taking longer than it should with some technical difficulties, so screw it, i'm submitting anyways.

Enjoy the film!


Very nice.

One thing I like about new grounds is people like you can make something like a song into a colorful beautiful thing.. where emotion spews from it. I really did enjoy your flash, it was very heart felt to me and actually tugged a few strings in some areas. Good job.

notorious responds:

thanks for the awesome review!

A simple idea...

It's lyrics. And a line. And they're moving. And gears. How boring is that?


...why can't I stop watching it?! >.<

Seriously now, it was great and awesome and cool. And great. Only criticism is that there was one part with a lightbulb (I think, maybe it was just lightbulb-shaped) and the lightbulb just kinda disappeared, would've been nicer if it stayed there and looped.


I gave this a 4/5 for the obvious effort put into it but i must admit, i almost felt like taking off marks for that insulting Author's comment. I like the way you arranged the text so that the viewer's eye had to jump around the screen to take it in. It made it quite entertaining. Only thing that could have been improved was that there could have been more animation involving the whole screen and more relation to the music but other than that, great job.

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notorious responds:

huh what insulting comment

if you're talking about the one complaining about unhelpful reviews, it's because i often get a bunch of idiots who have no fucking idea what they're talking about giving me a 0. It's a justified comment.

Thanks for the godo review!

Crazy stuff here, my friend.

You get a 10 for the eyes and the gears. THAT was definitely worth it. I gotta admit, that is one crazy song. Weird concept of the words on that really long line, but highly original, I suppose. Unless, of course, it's been done before, in which case it isn't completly original, unless it were done to the same song, in which case it's not original at all. I will admit, however, I've never seen said animation that looks similar, so you get brownie points for being creative. Good luck with the flashing!

notorious responds:

lmao thanks and i don't think this has ever done before.

Creativity is what i aim for!

Cool but Wired

That was a cool Flash. I think it is the first that may want me to have a sizer or somthing like watching a pink floyed concert. Either way nice flash.

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notorious responds:

lol thanks good comparison

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4.06 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2007
8:11 PM EDT
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