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Make a Madness Combatant

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My computer's being an ass. If someone could make me an icon, I'd appreciate it.

I'm back! After a long leave of absence, even though none of you noticed or cared about it, I'm back in time for Madness Day. Thankfully, this turned out pretty well. I found the madness images somewhere on MegaUpload. I'm not going to lie, I didn't make them. All I did was put the whole thing together. Anyways, hope you enjoy the game. It'll kill some time. Drag and drop to make a madness character. There are three sets of feet and hands, enough to make three characters. Tons of heads, weapons, bodies and accessories to choose from. You can also move the feet to reposition your madness combatant. It's easy enough to export your madness combatant, just use the print screen button. Otherwise, have fun, and leave reviews, good or bad.

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cool man keep making this better man!

half life breen and combine mask

time to choose dr hank

what is the point...

im sorry but what is the point of putting guns, when you don't even get bullets?!
although this is true, you did put in the effort so ill give you a 7.


make more bandage pieces so u can patch ur guy up!

white-darkness1 responds:

I don't have the original .fla anymore. I'd have to make an entirely new one, and honestly, I don't like the Madness series much anymore, so I don't really see that happening. :(

omg nice

they remind me combine soldiers from half life 2 those 2 guys