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Transformers Bastardized

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Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock...!

http://www.fireball20xl.c om

Transformers Bastardized
By Psyguy

[ Voice Talent ]

Lab Helper: Trunks
Old Robot: Trunks
Ship flying away: SeiferA.
Announcer: Sean W.
Lazerbeer: Psyguy
Optimus Prime: Kyle Hebert
( Thanks dude! )
Ironhide: Eddsworld
Jazz: Kirbopher
( Look I remembered you this time! )
Cliffjumper: Chris Zito
Smumblebee: Psyguy
Bike: Mankey
Shockwave: Dillon
Megatron: Kirbopher
Starscream: Psyguy
Brawn: Psyguy
Prowl: Psyguy
Scrapper: Psyguy
( Yes I'm every transformer. Ever. Only because they had - like - a line and then died. )

[ Music ]

"Theme of Super Metroid" - Nintendo
"Zero Wing" - Toaplan
"Battle Theme from Pokémon Gold" - Nintendo
"Transformers theme" - Vince DiCola
"Ducktales NES Moon" - Disney
"What's this?" - Danny Elfman
"Benny Hill Theme" - Benny Hill
"Stardust Speedway (past)" - Sega
"Jingle Bell Rock" - Bobby Helms
"Gemini man" - Capcom
"Rockin' around the christmas tree" - Brenda Lee
"Push it to the limit" - Paul Engemann
"Mario Paint: BGM 1" - Nintendo
"The Touch" - Stan Bush

[ Extra ]

"Gutsman's ass" is by Kajetokun

Transformers is property of Hasbro

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This is the funniest thing ive ever seen, if all the movies were like this they'd be more awesome. specially like it when optimus was told to can it, dude never does stop talking lol.


huh that was kinda funny!

One of the best parody as of yet!

It has been a long time since I've seen a good parody of this movie... or cartoon show for that matter. Great job at finding the voice actors. They're full of win. Please if you could do a part 2 and finish the film.

the saddest part of the movie made into a joke

and it was worth it. you should make a second one where this left off.

here are some tips

1.the most important part of a flash is the beginning. you have to make that good
2.you cant make the intro as long as you did, really long
3.add some more light, man, i could hardly see what was going on
4.make the flash yourself, dont just add comentary to some kids cartoon
5.explain to us what is going on first in words, that always helps
6.use at least three of these rules in your flashes, and they will be a lot better.

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4.28 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2007
9:38 PM EDT