Two-Hour Time Trial

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EDIT: thanks for daily 3rd ;)

Hello Newgrounders, I finally got myself together and whipped up this time trial just for kicks. I gave the animators 2 hours to complete an animation piece with a specific theme. The theme was given was "Love." So get out the tissues kids, let's have some water works.

Wait, nevermind. It's not that sad. :) It's not that great of a collab, but I needed to fill up my Saturday with something productive. Also, remember this was made within 2 hours, so it's short, but pretty good.

People who took part:
(Rudy, Doomshock, Mynamewontfitin, ToasterDemon, Yhtomit, ChillyCheese, Nicolas-Deary)

Thanks for watching!


Holy crap!

That was UH-MAZING. Hah. :]

Rudy responds:

Thank youuuuuuuuuu.

i mean, really good! sir, congrats!

its raelly good! very good animation,and sweet sound and music! nice song, and very sweet stories, on that, my friend.i really like this its, emotional. really good job.

Rudy responds:

I'm really glad you liked it! It was a rather short animation that we threw together within two hours. Glad to see such good feedback. Thank you. :]


really liked the animation, next time send me a PM, I'd love to be in one of these.


Rudy responds:

Ah, I was going to PM/IM ya but I thought you'd be busy. Thanks for checking it out. I may hold another one in the near future, I'll definitely drop you a PM, and ask ya if you want to join. Can't wait to work with ya again.

Thanks again.


Heh that turned out really well. Very good job. Sorry I couldn't participate though. Kinda busy this weekend, and not really in the flash mood

Rudy responds:

It's quite alright, I'm glad you liked it though. I think it's good for a two-hour made flash.

FREAKIN' AMAZIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the music, the animation, and my name at the end. please make another collab tommorow, and make one everyday for the rest of the week.

I'll join each one.

If only you had 30fps.....

Rudy responds:

Hah, I think one every day will turn into the "One-Hour Collab" all over again, and it'll get out of hand. But we'll see. Glad you liked it.

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Sep 15, 2007
8:57 PM EDT
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