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D4ilytoon # 353

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whoa im tired

just submitting this in the early morning hours before i go to bed, pretend i submitted it yesterday.

anyways today is fucker friday so i included toons about 3 fuckers. the first toon is about sinitron, the norwegian air force brigadier prickkk. the second one is about gost, aka armon pakdel the dirtiest of all pakis. the third one is about paddy, the subject of a former fucker friday in which the toon was supposed to be included.

expect something different next friday, we're probably gonna make it a "friend friday"

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My part is glitched up.

The shading is all screwy, it's not supposed to look like that.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

not my fault aZzz it Ur FAULT

Not too bad

Pretty trippy stuff. The art work in the last one was ehhhh, and the others were really weird, however im pretty enebriated so i give it a 7 over all

=D lol

whats up with the fucking probably cuz you're tired? so anyways great

Pretty good

Friend friday's a good idea.

Sinista - A loop of ice gun things on one leg. Very well drawn =D

Psi43 - Purple worms dancing or something. Hurts my eyes

anigen - A pic of a praying kid & he jumps over a fence & cracks his head...... Awesome

Overall: Wasn't too bad. Two bad loops & something odd. Nice & short too


sum neat loops right here