Sean Sullivan's "One Day"

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Well, originally there was going to be 5 instead of 4 toons. The 5th toon was going to be called "Another Day" and was going to feature the song "Reckless Nights on board an Ocean Liner" by Raymond Scott. The toon was going to be about a chainsaw wielding maniac on board a cruse ship (of coarse he goes ape shit and kills every one on the ship). I didn't have time of the patience to finish the toon (I didn't get too far anyway). So here it is, "One Day".


Some good stuff

Hey there. I liked your editing, and I also liked the goofy 1920s-era-like drawings. The choice of music was good as well. I actually liked the black and white cartoons with intertitles better than the colour one, just stylistically. The animation was simple, but it worked well.

Why's there so much violence, though? It wasn't funny or anything, it was just... violent.

Although amusingly goofy in sections, none of them actually came very close to making sense or telling a story (the closest one was the one with the rich/poor guys).

(5=average for me, so 6=a bit above average)

SeanSullivan responds:

It was a spoof on what people thought was violent of the old 1920's/30's toons... Just wanted to make a funny spoof on the ideals of 20's and 30's view on violence...

Monocles suck

this flash rules.

SeanSullivan responds:

Thank ya...

very good

just the right amout of violence, too much and the clip is pointless, too little and people get bored. but this one was just right.

SeanSullivan responds:

I don't really agree with you... but, to each is own....

jajaja.. the sun was sad!!

jaja, it's so fun!! specially the part of the richman an the poorman (..not robotmasters i guess.... or are they?)

SeanSullivan responds:

no... no there not...

Just super

Nice work. I liked some of the facial expressions you used.
I am most keen on your using Raymond Scott music. Masterful choice young man. Oh gotta go, phones ringing..

SeanSullivan responds:

I love Raymond Scott... you are a fool not to notice his brilliance...

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Sep 14, 2007
9:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Original