rocklee vs sasuke

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NOTE: this is my very first flash to pass the portal so it means alot to me, it marks the point where I started getting good enough with flash to create something people may like.


Decent flash

I know it's not perfect but it DEFINATLY deserves more than its current score. I like it, it's not that great but it's not bad either. I'll give you a 5/5 because of the low score, that preloader took forever though. Nice job man, better than my first attempt at flash (No I'll never submit it was that bad I:(.. ) Good job man...


I feel like ive seen this somewhere


This was actually pretty good.
Here´s a tip: add the stop sound script on the last frame so that if you play it again there wont be two songs playing at the same time, also see if you can add some sound effects (kicks, punches, etc).
Nice work

thedo12 responds:

thanks for the tip, I will be sure to do that in my next submission

Not too bad

Kind of short. The song didn't fit too well. Still an ok fight. And I agree with kingkillah, this definetly deserves a better score. So 5/5(cause it deserves a better score) and 6/10(cause that's what I really think of the flash). And I hope you make the sprite series and i'm sure it will get a good score, it may even be put on the front page if you work hard on it.

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ok, could use some more work

All I have to say is ok start. The sprites weren't animating smoothly and you could've just remove the blue part of the stage. Besides that, it's ok for a start. Not really interested into a Naruto sprite series, but that's my opinion. Anyways good luck in the future.


thedo12 responds:

thanks' I will probaly revise this add sound effects stuff like that

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2.04 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2007
7:35 PM EDT
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