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Oroboros is a classic dodge-n-slash game. No brainiac puzzles to solve... just amazing graphics, sound, and intense action. Rack up insane combo multipliers, slice enemies into pieces, and be nimble with your mouse! The gameplay is at first simple: Some sh!t will hurt you, some will help you, some will do both. Avoid the stuff that hurts, and collect the stuff that helps! Lost yet? To make things more interesting, I added a leveling system that allows you to apply "evo-points" that you earn during each level to various offense/defense stats. The gameplay will be different depending on the upgrade path you choose.

*Harvest the Energy Clusters by eating them with your "face" not your "tail". Always protect your tail!
*Power up your agility and cohesion stats first. Without these, your tail will be slow as molasses.
*Blades and Armor only work "after" you get the power ups, and they degrade rapidly, so be sure to power them up with evo points.
*read the in-game info between levels, it will help you!

Oroboros is an avoider game. That being said, you can still kill things if you use the right weapons.

Seekers - weak against blades
Swarmers - weak against energy bombs (space bar)
Warpers - Invincible, but you can use them as a shield against rocket attacks
Rockets - Use level 3 armor to block them (try to lure enemies into their path for some extra fun!)

mouse to move
space bar for bombs
left-click retracts your tail
(M) key opens menu
(P) key pauses the game

P.S. This game goes on for infinity (hence the name Oroboros). If you really wanted to, you could play it until hell freezes over, Please don't though... There are lots of other great games to check out, and things to do with your life!

P.S.S be sure to check out the score stats in the game menu (M key to open). It will tell you how well you are doing, and how the points are calculated!

Have fun, and be sure to go see the top 25 players in the Champion's Dimension at the end!
Thanks for Playing!


Somewhat difficult

Mmmhhh... what i have to say is that the game is pretty good.
But those purple ball things, they kill your tail and there are so many of them that it was almost impossible to dodge them all and i died :(
I tried the 1.000.000 points challange but i didn't even got to 100.000 unfortunately :(

Ok...lets see how to put this in words

No offense, but I got bored after a minute or two. Reason...? Well...the first is that my mind got jumbled because of the music. It was all twisted...my mind couldn't take it...the second was that I got immediately bored just collecting. You may need to bring something in a bit sooner. I did, however, like the fact that you tried to do a futuristic touch on an old "Snakes" game...

Maybe this is askin for trouble but...

Could their be rockets for the horizontal perimeter aswell as vertical?
Maybe smaller size for feasibility... j/w

Great game


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FunfaceGames responds:

I was really close to adding vertical rockets as well as horizontal ones, but it was going to put too many things on the screen at once. A lot of rockets can slow the game down quite a bit. I'll probably do the next version in AS3, so it should be able to handle lots more!

Thanks for the feedback!


It seemed much to alike of the game Flo. Not sure if that's where they got the idead, but they seems alike.

nice game

that was a very nice game... and talk about addicting. the game itself had a simple concept and simple gameplay to it but i found myself playing this one for quite a while. i really enjoyed this one. i can definitely see why this one here won an award.

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4.34 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2007
3:38 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid