Fratboy Unicycle Relay

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Fratboy has SERIOUS gambling debts. Will a Unicycle Race save his skin? It's all up to you, buddy.

This is a game we made with our good friends over at Mad Science Industries. Please send us your feedback, hope you enjoy it!


Ok game, dreadful balancing

The gameplay is ok except for the balancing part which makes 98% of the game. The graphics are decent and you had the right idea with the making of this game. But the balancing system doesn't work at all. You pretty much fall over regardless of which arrow you push. The balancing system totally sux. This would be an extremely great game but the balancing system totally destroys the fun that might have been had. I am a huge Fratboy fan but this game is probably the worst one. It would be fantastic if you went through and re-did the balancing to make it a lot more responsive. That would make this an extremely fun game! I hope to play this game again with just that minor improvement.

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good concept, horrible game

the balancing is absolutely dreadful


idea is cool, graphics are nice, but it's hard because the balancing is totally unresponsive

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somehow when i try to putmy guy to shift his weight on the other side he still falls the other way -.- very annoying game sorry


I found the controls a bit cumbersome and the balance controls mostly non responsive. but the theory of the game is sound and it has promise to be a great game if the control difficulty's can be improved.

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3.29 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2007
2:04 PM EDT
Skill - Other