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Comic Lock had some choice things to say about the Lock Legion. Enjoy the massive cameos.

lol, seems I slept thru 400,000

PS: NG's Icon loader stinks
EDIT: here is what was said in it, the speed was used for sarcasm. The actual post by Comic.

"This is Lock Legion version 6.0. Here are the rules:

1. Invite as many furries as possible. Lock Legion is a furry community of which defends the furry movement, knowing that they are mistreated by such outsider groups as the Clock Crew. We need strength in numbers. A good place to start would be at Sheezyart(dot)com. Their site is well maintained and should have our full support.

2. Do not do Flash. Flash animations are an evil amongst us, and causes us to actually do some work. Instead, play some Ragnarok Online and level up your character to its maximum level. Supporting our beloved Lock Legion guild is a must, as it helps us become cool on the internet. If you do not play Ragnarok Online, you will be banned. If you even open up Flash, you will be banned.

3. Whatever you do, do not type intelligently like I'm doing. Instead of using "you", type "u". This makes you even more lazy and less likely to do flash.

4. Last but not least, POST AS MANY 4CHAN MEMES AS POSSIBLE. We love 4chan, and all of its jokes. None of their jokes will ever die and we must worship them in every step of our way.

Thank you, and have a nice day"

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I don't get it

Once again you combined good style with bad writing.
You must learn how to do stuff better in flash.


its furs like you that give furs like me a bad rep. 'nuff said

WinchesterLock responds:

I'm not a furry and never have been.


Weren't you in violation of those rules when you oened up flash and actually did some work?

WinchesterLock responds:

The point is that the guy was being an idiot.

Cool Things AWAY!

Absolutely great Winch, made me laugh. 5555

WinchesterLock responds:



Eh I doubt what he said goes so it's a pretty good movie btw this is Blizzard