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Alkie Kong 2

rated 4.05 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Sep 13, 2007 | 12:06 AM EDT

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Rick Rolled 5 Points View the entire end-game movie.
Six Pack 5 Points Find 6 bottles.
Worship the Mighty 5 Points View the high scores.
Great Listener 10 Points Do not skip any of Max's speeches.
Beerbot Smash 25 Points Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 15.
Boxed Up 25 Points Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 12.
Code Breaker 25 Points Enter the super secret level code.
Great Defender 25 Points Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 3.
Half Case 25 Points Find 12 Bottles.
Switch Off 25 Points Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 9.
Vertigo 25 Points Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 6.
Bat Crazy 50 Points Beat the game on any mode without hurting any bats.
Full Case 50 Points Find 24 bottles.
Olympian 50 Points Beat the game without dying on normal mode.
Survivalist 50 Points Beat the game without dying on easy mode.
Drunken Deity 100 Points Beat the game without dying on brutal mode.

Author Comments

March 5, 2009 -- WE ADDED MEDALS OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Altrio just can't get a break. On his first day of work at the Brew-Co Brewery, Alkie Kong shows up to cause trouble.

Oh that Alkie Kong, what won't he do?

This platformer game should get your brains going since you have to solve puzzles to progress, with plenty of boss fights to keep you on your toes.


The art style is based on some comics ShitOnAStick did way back yonder... AND I JUST WENT AND STOLE IT MWAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty good game

1) First of all, i must congrate u for this game, this game was awesome
it have a good graphic,cool background and some improvisation and idea from the old and boring donkey kong game into such a cool action game,
sound effect and misc sound is quite good, except for max of course
his voice style is quite dull and annoy some people, even me
2) Second thing, each stage always have a same music all time, except in boss level (even every boss level had a same music) u must make a different music in each stage, man,coz some people thinkmusic is what make a game/movie worth playing
in fact they even give a good review score in spam movie for the music
and said "i give u 5 coz i like the music"
as for final boss, make the music feel dramatic or at least can make people feel that they are actually fight against the final enemies in the game
3) Third reason, why people rate this game so badly while this game is actually a great game;
- u can't kill molty, and they are everywhere
-some people think beat the game without dying and getting hurt by bats is quite hard
- even though you killed the bat, but they keep spawning over and over again in a short distance
- restart button, ok this is the most important thing that u must improve.
why? most likely people trying to get the beat the boss level without taking any damage since most people already got the password things from game guide and stuff, sometimes they are failed while trying beat that medal, and get hurt by molty or by alkie himself, without restart button, they must killing their self and try again and again, it make some people depressed(even me)
- the last boss hand is too wide, sometimes i get hurt by them, while trying to get back to floor
- even though the final boss is not supposed to squeeze you, but he still can destroy the wood box
4)Finally, i gonna told u something that u must improve since there's so many people ou there keep voting this game so badly just because they can't beat the medal
- make molty beat-able
- bats don't spawning after we killed them, coz it's quite hard to beat "beat the game without getting hit by bats"
-restart button to replay/retry each level automaticly, it's quite annoying to kill ourself if we failed
Overall Score :
-Graphic = 10/10
-Background = 10/10
-Music = 7/10
-Gameplay = 8/10
-Concept = 9/10
-SFX/Misc = 8/10
- Idea = 10/10

Note : I'm still vote for 5 on this game

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A few map glitches...

it would of been nice if there was a restart button so i could restart from the start or reset everything without having to die or restart the game... for example, on the forklift map, i managed to get the key out but i got stuck in the red metal frame to the right and was unable to move, also on the level with all the switches to make the frames longer i got the key in the same spot as the switch and was then unable to pick it up... i also found like as CiTriNatE stated the "a" and "s" arent great as you press one instead of the other and fall to your death/get burnt/die and is slighty fustraiting been unable to change it... PS: i also got the "bat lover" award even though i went round killing them!?!?.. but i dont mind ^^

anway the game itself was fun to play, simple and fun yet hard at times, the medals have different levels of hardness from easy (shut up max) to (drunken deity) but all achivable.

apart from the slight glitches and map problems i found it enjoyable and woth playing.

loved the music, loved the idea, loved the simple gameplay without over complex movement. think you should explain that you can carry the moltys on the red girder beacuse i tried with the boxes the first time >.<

but thats what i think... chow

-LegolaSS [Nitrokitty]

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Only minor problems

I liked it, but the problem I have with this game is the way the controls are mapped. After playing countless 2-D games on nNewgrounds were jump was logically the up key you went and messed with that. I can't tell you how many times I've died because I pressed the action key instead of jump. It would be great if we had to option to map the commands to different keys.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great game..


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


love the medals but you should mention that falling causes death, cuz you see... i didnt know, i thought mabye there was a second floor or something so i litteraly jumped to my doom... xD