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Alkie Kong 2

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Rick Rolled 5 Points

View the entire end-game movie.

Six Pack 5 Points

Find 6 bottles.

Worship the Mighty 5 Points

View the high scores.

Great Listener 10 Points

Do not skip any of Max's speeches.

Beerbot Smash 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 15.

Boxed Up 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 12.

Code Breaker 25 Points

Enter the super secret level code.

Great Defender 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 3.

Half Case 25 Points

Find 12 Bottles.

Switch Off 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 9.

Vertigo 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 6.

Bat Crazy 50 Points

Beat the game on any mode without hurting any bats.

Full Case 50 Points

Find 24 bottles.

Olympian 50 Points

Beat the game without dying on normal mode.

Survivalist 50 Points

Beat the game without dying on easy mode.

Drunken Deity 100 Points

Beat the game without dying on brutal mode.

Author Comments

March 5, 2009 -- WE ADDED MEDALS OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Altrio just can't get a break. On his first day of work at the Brew-Co Brewery, Alkie Kong shows up to cause trouble.

Oh that Alkie Kong, what won't he do?

This platformer game should get your brains going since you have to solve puzzles to progress, with plenty of boss fights to keep you on your toes.


The art style is based on some comics ShitOnAStick did way back yonder... AND I JUST WENT AND STOLE IT MWAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA


Not bad, but i've seen better...

Interesting, new, and too much like donkey kong


your game was terrible i got stuck on level 3 needs improvement you need more weapons and have more lives


the game is horrible...but i give a 4 and not a 0 because of the great music you added!

Fustrating, yet fun.

This game is very addicting. It gives you that urge to want to beat the game, which will keep you at it for a long time. It has very basic controls, which allows you to learn the game in a hurry. the first levels, or the tutorial levels, are also a great help when you are learning to play.

The difficulty of the game is high, and requires you to go through it a couple of times before you can get some basic strategy for it. The enemies come at you in predictable patterns, and you have to strategize to avoid them. After you get the basic patterns down, the game becomes a lot easier.

I have noticed 3 minor glitches within the game, and they need to be looked at.
On level 2, the odd time a barrel would travel through the protective girder, damaging you. on level 3, after you beat the boss, and the game runs your character to the end to watch Alkie kong steal the book, and run away. there has been some occasions where the game actually ran my character to far, and caused my character to fall off the cliff and die. the last glitch I have encountered in my plays is on level 7. when you throw the key up to where the 2 molties are, i have had it fall throw, and get stuck within the platform. I haven't encountered anything else wrong with the game, other then these problems listed.

Things I would add in, is the ability to mute sounds after the main menu. Sometimes I have forgotten to do this, and had to completely restart the game in order to be able to mute.

Overall, it is a great game, and it is very fun to play.

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i do not like it at all but baced on the multiple reveiws ill give it a 8 i do not know the controls cause i was to lazy to look but meh 8/10

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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2007
12:06 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle