9/11 LMFAO

September 11, 2007 –
February 11, 2009
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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goddamn americans i hope you burn fucking assholes


This is the kind of thing I cannot stand. I just don't see how you can do this, and feel some kind of pleasure from it. I'm going to be honest with you, I found it funny. I don't find 9/11 funny, nor does anybody else with a sound mind. But you made this not as a joke, but as an insult, and something solely for the purpose of offending others.

It's the kind of crap like this this that makes me hate spam. Spam used to be funny, because it was always funny, and wasn't overused. People saw it as a joke, because that was all it was. But you took that same principal and used it as something different, you used it as a way to piss people off.
I already know that you are going to look at this review, and laugh, knowing that you were able to offend people as you so intended. But think about this.

Think of somebody who actually knew somebody who died during that tragedy. I'm sure that there are at least a handful of people on Newgrounds who lost someone on that day. How do you think they would take it? You would laugh. But just take five minutes to think about what is really going on in their mind. From what they see, they see somebody who is belittling a tragedy that took them months, if not years to recover from, that has been reduced to a badly drawn one-minute flash.

Once again, I'm not offended by the flash itself, but what the intention of it was. You tried to offend people, and did it. Are you happy? Are you still going to be happy, time from now when you matured, and realize the memories you reawakened?

You know what, who cares. You're not going to take this review seriously, let alone read it. It was a horribly made flash, with bad sound, bad graphics, and bad everything. You get zero stars.

Fuck you.

because 911 was not funny it was not hilarios it was not oh my fcking god im laughing my as off fun ny it it was serios if the soldiers fighting for this country saw this they would come to ur house and snipe the tiny little thing called a brain that u have

dude nine eleven was fucking hilarious XDD i saw it i laughed my ass off X3

that was fucking hilarious man at first it was annoying but then i just couldnt stop laughing at it and am having a hard time typing this cuz of laughing!!!!!!1

In honest practice,this flash deserves no score at all.I'm won't go to heavy into detail,considering everything i can say is already said by previous reviews.But you still made a very dreadful,and insulting flash.YOU are the wrong person to be dishing dirt at something a million times better than your pitiful self,and drop back down to something you can MAKE funny.but never america.it doesn't WORK.

Lol. It was kewl
The only bad thing is that the plane goes way to slow, and by then I got a major Headache from the dude was talking lmaolmaolmao teh whole time..

And offcourse other bad stuff...

Two days, and this is already one of the most infamous flashs ever. Wonder if this can go into the bastards catagory?

there are so few words i can use to describe this trash, disgusting comes to mind very often. i don't know how people could be this psychopathic. making fun of bush is one thing, but mkaing fun of the people who died is something elese all together. lets see how funny you think it is when you lose people you love in a terrible way and morons start making fun of that

I agree entirely with manonthemoon516. Regardless of whether or not you like the country, there is absolutely no reason to make an animation like this. Posting something like this not only is blatantly inappropriate, but also disrespects the 2700+ innocent people who were senselessly slaughtered in an act of cowardly terrorism. By posting this you also defame the heroes in NYPD and FDNY who nobly died trying to save the victims. Think twice before you post something like this.

Thia is a controversial, uncompromising, and brilliant flash from people who take a stand, and remain adamant in their beliefs despite a slew of opposition to their stance. I commend thee.

If you don't like America, fine. I don't really care about your thoughts. That's your buisness. But when you come here and deliberately insult America and make fun of the 2,775 people (approx) who lost their lives because of 9/11, that's when you cross the line. Suppose you had someone who died from it. Would you enjoy seeing daddy throw himself out of a building because he didn't want to be burned alive? Didn't think so. Keep these thoughts in your head, where they belong. There can be serious consequences when you do something like this, especially on a site where the vast majority of users are American.

Oh, im sorry little one, I suppose you don't realize race is an illusory barrier that only serves to empower the idividual ego and further draw us down the path of utter self-destruction. Hate is obsolete, either that or people are.

Buuuut you'll ignore this anyway, so I can just say, fare thee well, common sense! You just arn't common anymore.

In an attempt to be constructive, you need to revise your entire choice of content to something more suitable, and also try not to be a propoganda-brainwashed twit. Stay smart!

I consider this an insult to each and every person who died on 9/11/2001, including those who died on flight 93 to stop that plane crashing into the white house.

Not as advertising, but a thoughtful reflection on the current state of the American mindset in regards to the attack. Quite good.

loved it

im so sorry about ur uncle


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