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I've just done a big final update, which includes a difficulty setting and some new maps (on my site). *Newgrounds is now up to date with the new version.
Thanks for all the positive responses! Until it got into the spotlight, the score was briefly at #2 on the all-time list, which was pretty cool.

Keep your people happy at all costs while you rebuild civilization. Be an evil dictator or a hippy in this sarcastic take on the future!

This is the advanced sequal to my RTS colony game of 2 years ago.. I made the original to get into College, and this sequal is the first game I've made since graduating, and it's the first time I've tried drawing everything in Photoshop. It's taken FAR too long to complete (50+ pages of code!!!), and I've been away FAR too long.. but I'm back!

---- NOOB TIP ----
When you lose, you can still continue the game! It doesn't matter if you lose while learning.

-- Features --
*18 different buildings
*8 government types (including crazy ones)
*3 unique maps
*Dozens of random (and usually sarcastic) events
*Build roads and bridges
*Control your stupid people with fear and lies!

-- Basic Controls / Notes --
(Most of the game should explain itself)
*Hold your mouse over buttons and stuff for more info
*Use arrows or WASD to scroll the map
*You can only build bridges in shallow water!
*If it runs slowly, click the MENU button on the bottom right and lower graphics. It is also recommended that you close other windows / programs.
*There's even a developer console (press "~"). Cheats are up at


kept me busy

Finally beat it on hard map with the hard gov. It was close though.

one of the best games on newgrounds

this game was absolutely phanomanal (sp?)

right now i'm on year 2063, i have reached economic perfection (without cheats) so i used up every square, upgraded all towns to cities, put bridges on EVERY square allowed, and have 250 of food and ore, and no brown outs, happy at maximum, all that good stuff. I wish i lived there.

p.s. i also killed all the jews (heehee)

Flyborg responds:

That last sentence might sound odd out of context.

o hay thar

Anyways, I played through about 8 times, I wasn't having all that much fun, but after a couple run throughs I finally made a good plan, and enjoyed it, good challenge, I think you should say something about (Spoiler: Coal) because I died 7/8 times on that alone thinking it was a chance thing, lol, I enjoyed the humor as well IE Anarchy doing nothing, and your adviser choices, and that whole ninja thing, keep it up man.

Awesome Game!

I Like having the small turtle as my advisor! Great job on the graphics. I saw the comparison to the old game and the graphics improved A LOT!

That was pretty kickass!

I beat the game. I think that with the right execution, grpahics, and more features, this could easily be a full-out, buy-it-in-stores computer game.

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4.25 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2007
5:12 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)