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(Edit: Corrected tiny errors, now it's fine!)

Don't say anything....

Yes I know I have done another quiz.... And of course I've watched my frames to not do errors... And you don't need to right-click to play it like my MegaMan one....

So, this one, you probably figured it out, is only on Super Metroid.
Please be sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS, if not you'll miss a little special.

It's all that I think is needed for you to know.
I've find out that my links that are supposed to open a webpage doesn't work, so go see my website for it.

Enjoy my newest quiz!



Nice Questions

niece question you made for metroid´s fan.
just very few photos are not good, but, most is so good and sexi!!

XBatsuX responds:


Metroid rocks!

i like the second pic you see in maridia after beating the quiz she looks so powered up and cool i wish that were me but i still probly wouldnt have the guts to take on ridley or kraid id be meat in 2 sec's lol!

XBatsuX responds:

You're so right about that lol.
Thanks for your comment

Fun and keeps you busy.

Fun, and kept me busy for awhile.


No one can beat me in my Metroid knowledge muhahaha.

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XBatsuX responds:

I'm glad that I can make you pass time a bit :)

Gooooooooood... but I need to say:

Some of the pictures looked like porn (no offense btw), Nice questions! I couldn't really answer them (cause I don't know much about metroid...

good job

good job but one:the spazar AND the charge beam are in brinstar 2:the speed booster and hi jump boots are in norfair 3: the plazma beam is in norfair not maridia
and 4: it kind confuzed me when it asked "what boot upgrade do you find here?"i answer was speed booster but it was hi-jump boots!(lol)

and odly a super metroid guide said you break the tube with a super missle but i knew it was a power bomb(you should make a fusion quiz!

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Sep 11, 2007
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