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(Edit: Corrected tiny errors, now it's fine!)

Don't say anything....

Yes I know I have done another quiz.... And of course I've watched my frames to not do errors... And you don't need to right-click to play it like my MegaMan one....

So, this one, you probably figured it out, is only on Super Metroid.
Please be sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS, if not you'll miss a little special.

It's all that I think is needed for you to know.
I've find out that my links that are supposed to open a webpage doesn't work, so go see my website for it.

Enjoy my newest quiz!



Good quiz

Could be better, but it's ok. It acomplished it's goal to keep me enternained for a while.

The only drawbacks I found:

- The buttons are to hard to point and click. I had to point the mouse right on the tiny text. A button would be better.
- In the Norfair quiz, the question is "what you need to go deep in Norfair". The deeper levels in Norfair are high heat, and the Varia Suit is required. But the correct answer for this quiz is the Gravity Suit. Also, the same question appears on the beggining of the quiz.
- Too many questions about "how many power ups you collect in that area". We can't recall this from memory so quickly and the quis turns to a simple guessing game. We tend to recall things from the storyline, and that's a good line to questions follow.

I really liked that each quiz plays the BGM of that area, and the Menu and Pics unlocked plays the Restore Room/Save Room BGM.

The idea itself is good and it needs just a few tweaks.
Good job! =)

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isnt gravity the suit that protects you from heat?

i like the quiz but i thought it was the gravity

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Nice, but some of the info is false.

In the brinstar quiz, about the beam upgrade, i clicked spazer, it said it was false!! and you do find spazer in brinstar! same for the speed booster, it is in norfair.

Also, make it harder.

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Pretty good Quiz but make it a little harder.

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XBatsuX responds:

Thanxies. When I<ll be back on quizzies I<ll make one just for you. Hard as hell. :)

lol at the last question of general

guessing your play time lol

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XBatsuX responds:

I wanted to make it a personal touch hehe

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