Tribute to Kent Hovind

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I animated this video to a friend's song. We plan on making more like this, but with better quality animation.

Kent Hovind is a lunatic. Take my word for it.


pretty fuckin funny

I gotta say man this always makes me laugh. It's just so damn funny, not just cause everything you said but because of how appropriate it is for his given situation. Like my dad always said "Lie about having a degree, go to prison and get ass raped."

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I actually read one of his books and it was very interesting and was full of scientific facts that lean more towards the Bible's claim of the beginning. We're all allowed our own beliefs but it seems that you went out of your way to bash someone that really is just trying to make the world better. Sure he has a sense of humor like everyone and makes fun of left-wing liberal nazis but who doesn't make fun of the worst people on the planet? Oh well, you're stupid and you probably stole it anway.


I'm not saying I believe in exactly what he says, but ur being ignorant by making fun of his faith/beliefs.... it's just what he believes in... ur sayin he's an ass just because of what he believes in, but ur an ass for making this offensive vid to him which u didn't need to make. why don't u make fun of a complete idiot like PAris Hilton??? "Wal-mart? do they like, sell walls there?"

Pure genius!

I just learned about that douche master not too long ago in a video called "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists?"

LOL This song and the animation with it are both pure genius! I'd love to see more. My only complaint is the lack of a play button and that it loops, which I don't really care for. I will say though, that I'd rather loop this again and again than most other stuff on here.

Keep up the great work, dude!


could use a play button.

still realy good

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