Madness in Brackenwood

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Happy madness day :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
UPDATE 06-04-2008

Some of you seems to appreciate my work and some may not. And by the way, im a HUGE fan of Adam Phillips work and I didn't do this to offend him in any way. I just felt like mixing 2 artists style together.

Keep in mind, im no Adam Phillips or Krinkels ;d

The reason why it is rather short is because my computer went down in May ( The month i started to work on it ) for some reason. So all my work got deleted and such. Luckely i had a spare fla file on my hotmail to work on whenever i could get my hands on another computer, wich i later did in August. When i started to work on it again i feeled stressed and sad knowing that i didn't have much time to do the right amount of viewing pleasure for you guys. Because Im going for a vacation now for a few weeks and I only had a few weeks of doing this including school and work. So yeah, im a little dizzy typing this since ive worked all day and havn't got any fresh air at all today so. Im just going to make it easy for you.

Many thanks goes to SBB who made all the custom music just for this movie.

I hope you enjoy this entry to "Madness Day 07" !!




It only gets an eight because Matt and Adam are my fav. Flash artists, the mix between Adam's great animation skills and krinkels' not so great skills balanced the animation i guess, but it should have had krinkels' awesome 5/5 violence in it and it should not have been so short!


Really nice backgrounds. I'm also curious how you made the images blurry --like the cigarette smoke. I've made transparent images a lot in the past with the alpha function, but I'm not sure how to blur images. Also the stuff you did that looked 3d was pretty cool too. How to you do that stuff?

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SimMa-T responds:

First of all, THANKS. Well i used plenty of filters to make things blurry, of course you need Flash 8 to do that kind of stuff with filters. It wasn't really real 3d, i fbf'ed alot on that scene to make it look like 3d. It works better then you think actually, got no experience in 3d animation but i think i did that motion pretty good. Try it out yourself and see.

Thanks for reviewing!

Meh......it was bleh.

The Backgrounds were nice, but could use some work, there was not alot of animation, we never say the Monster thing from Brackenwood move other then when we saw his foot, his close ups had a shine, so why not shade, the blurs were overdone, and the madness char looked ugly, the intro was good, but it got worse as it went along, the angles were good.
Keep at it.

Great Job

It was excellent, a little short, but i am surely looking forward to the next one, and ignore the dumbass below me, he sounds like he is five anway XD.


To Short, To Less Killage!

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Sep 10, 2007
5:10 PM EDT