Wario Bike Escape (Beta)

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New version --> http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/399718


Super Mario World 16-bit sprite game starring Wario. Help Wario to find a safe escape. Instructions: use your arrow keys to run and press space to jump. If you don't like 2D sprite games don't play!!


Jumping is annoying

Only downside to this game is that jumping is akward, sometimes if you press spacebar wario wont jump and you just go right of the edge.

Other than it's not bad.Needs a story,so do some sort of prologue to give it some life.


not sure what the bike was for it was a standerd mario bros, type of game. It sucked that the jump wasn't nearly high enough for most of the jumps and he "Here I go" got very anoying after the sixth tube. It also sucked that you couldn't jump if you go for forward against a wall. The jump action should still happen. It was ok but there were a lot of things i wouldn't have done.

Good but..

the time between hitting the jump key and it reacting on screen is slow. That makes it pretty hard even to make a jump. Make the jump a little bigger and slightly slower and you got a pretty good game.


Nice game... but the physic is horrible ! You fall either too fast or too slow.
It's making the whole game realy annoying

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Needs a few improvements

This could be a great game to play, just needs a few fixes
1. See if you can smoothen out the transitions betweens screens
2. Fix the gravity acceleration affect on the character, i couldnt get past the second screen. wario would accelerate extremely fast once you try and jump the gap

there were a few other bugs, but nothing to serious
Dont get me wrong, i dont hate this game, it just needs some work, and if you put some more effort into the whole game, it could score rather high and be a memoriable game, good concept and graphics, just needs some work.
Good luck :)

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2.53 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2007
8:56 AM EDT
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