The Maze Game v1.2

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This is a game I made that can really get quite addicting.

Find a way through a variety of different mazes while the timer counts down. Then use the arrow keys to move the buddy through the maze as quick as you can. Points and user name are saved so feel free to leave and come back when ever you please. You can also compete with people and try to land a spot on the high score board.


-Version 1.2 is up
-Easier navigation
-Option > Mute

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Pretty Good

Pretty good and challenging. Although (I don't mean to brag) it was kinda short in levels so I beat it in like 5 minutes.


Somehow the thing wouldnt move when i press the arrows.

By judging from the reviews. it must be pretty good, Pity i didnt get a chance to play then.


This was fun and well made. There were only a couple changes that I would suggest. The UI transitions are too slow: After pressing a button, it takes a good second before you can press the next button to get where you're going... it gets old very quickly. Second, I agree with the last reviewer: there should be some sort of progression in the levels- after I made it through the first maze, I thought that I lost or something, because it just took me back to the difficulty select screen. Great concept, though. It's simple and fun. And I may have to steal the idea some day.

I love the white pancake

It was cool but it would start at level one & continue on in that fashion.
But it's still good. Keep up the good work!


One thing that would be nice would be if one could play thru all the mazes on a certain difficulty level, then continue through the levels in that fashion, then time them and base their score on their cumulative time from start to whenever they decided to stop playing that way, taking into consideration the level and/or maze number they were at when they stopped. (I hope that's not too badly written out)

Fun game!

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2007
9:41 PM EDT
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