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a very clockish halloween

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strawberry clock and rupee clock are all dressed up and off to the newgrounds halloween party!can you find the easter egg? this animation is probably the one ive put the most work into my entire life it took me weeks and i realy hope you enjoy It! :D

Edit:yay in the halloween collection!

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Its good- its very clock, full of the right refs and story. good sound, it is, indeed a very Clockish Halloween.

I don't like buttons that are only the text as the hit button, its irritating. Give it a proper hit square.

Why the link to 2007?

Credits. If you are going to have credits, they should be more complete. Music, would be the obvious one, maybe sounds. What did RobertClock do ?


I hate KK, just to let you know. Hmmm, not bad, but not that good.

I'd suggest puting more effort in your work, i've seen a few movies you've made.

Anyways good luck for your next project.

RobertClock responds:

dude i worked my ASS OFF on this movie

nice stuff but little more work would be nice

nice job but i didnt hear what they said well try adding subtitles for all characters and it seem pretty random but over all great (:

RobertClock responds:

well i found every voice other than shotgun man's was rather clear

Good for you, IBC

It's great that you've decided to put more work into your flash. Now, make something epic that isn't for any holiday, and spend a couple months on it.

One question: why do you need two accounts? It's been bothering me for awhile.

RobertClock responds:

the reason was was still a noob near clockday and i had recived a 15 day bann and i REALY! had to submit my clockday flash so i made a second account to submitt it i dont realu use the account anymore


Let's have a look, mostly bitmaps, Assassin's mouth was nothing but a looping movieclip, poorly drawn graphics, more premade gradient text, poor attempts at being funny.

RobertClock responds:

are you seriously going to about everything ive ever made and making bad reviews?