da greatest flash ever!!

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After making two weird Fanimutations and a movie about Pong, I decided to embark on the goal of creating the Greatest Flash Video ever made.

This is the result.



One of the funniest flash video ever made.

haha its really funny

this flash movie is really funny i laughed my ass of when the toasters came up

"da worst flash of all time"

dude apart from the music that was just stupid...plain stupid,no offense but it was just plain crap

That was worthy, dude. VERY worthy.

You should be suing Tencious D for totally ripping off your idea of "The Greatest Flash in the World" (a tribute). Those unoriginal bastards. Oh yeah, I gave you a bonus point for using Thus Spake Z. That music is the best theme for any Flash movie intro... come to think of it, I've used in one of mine, also. ^_^

Toxic-AKA-Bob-Barker responds:

Nah, I think they made that song before I actually made this video. Unless they used some type of time machine in which they stole my idea and then went back in time to write their song.

And yes, Thus Spake Z is an awesome tune. I could have used a really crappy recoding of it done in some guys basment played on the trombone, but it would have ditracted from the greatness.

A m a z i n g

You did it that was the perfect flash.(starts slow clap clap oh my woah hoo wow amzing *whistle* ) Thank you i am enlightened.

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2.66 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2001
12:50 AM EST
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