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da greatest flash ever!!

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Author Comments

After making two weird Fanimutations and a movie about Pong, I decided to embark on the goal of creating the Greatest Flash Video ever made.

This is the result.

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Aw, why is everyone so mad? Did anyone honestly think that a cartoon with this name would have that title? No one knows what the greatest flash ever will be. Currently, it's "The Tale Teller" with a score of 4.79. If only JAZZA had that much foresight. He could have given it that title.

I loved how there was more stuff at the end. At least it wasn't completely just toasters. There's some creativity. I guess fanimutation was a word still in usage at this point. It's mostly just called animutation now.

it was okay

but very stupid but stupid stuff is mostly funny i hope you catch the meatballs lol

The Good, The Bad and the Random!

I am giving it 5 because...
the start was extremely slow and predictable, a very nice idea, but needed to be faster i considered closing it down just before the meatballs part, the meatballs idea then made me back on wanting to watch it.

It aws then redeemed by the toaster part, that was so fucking funny i thought, i was laughing and willing to live again...until the baby head part, but fair enough, i didnt expect to like everything, but then the 'cool shoe shine ' bit sucked too.

It had ambition to be the greatest flash of all time but it seemed like you put all your time into the Start and uploaded it early....good flash just needed tender love and care at parts.

that was...

but it was nice

that suxs

it was so awful my lil bro shot himself you EVIL MAN (jk about the shotting part) but it did suk