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KK Nes Vol 02 PaKK Man

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Not too long ago, the Kitty Krew found a time machine. In an effort to spam the world in those pre-internet days, the KK sent their worst, most annoying and drunkest flash artists to work for video game companies and sabotage nintendo by changing the games to suit the KK style.

Volume Two: PacMan

This is what the classic N.E.S. game "PacMan" Would look like if the Kitty Krew would have made it... and turned it into a little something known as "PaKK-Man".

Enjoy, and remember: Join us or die.

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ok, so not that bad a movie. Im afraid i didnt really apreciate the humour, because the movie was way too short, there were soo many directions that you could have taken. I'd have liked to see how the ghosts reacted , or maybe the food thingies could have done something during the drug addiction.

layout was good however, and the realistic game sounds helped too. It would have been a bit better if the screen had been bigger though.

Overall, not a bad job, but making it longer could work in your favour.

=Review Request Club=

PantyWipe responds:

Thank you!

Review Request Club

I think the humour was a little most on me. Yes, Pacman wakka-wakkas into a pill, there's a little bit of a drug-trip, but...I don't know, I think it stopped a little short of giving the humour enough time to develop. You could have explored a lot more the directions Pacman took the addiction, and maybe how the ghosts reacted to the addiction...in general, it was just a little short and not really in my taste for humour.

That aside, I thought the "realistic" pacman sounds were nice, the game layout was good...would have been better if it was a little larger, but it's not that big of an issue. It would have been nice to maybe have a little more play-room as far as sizings go, instead of everything being in the same front-on dimension of the entire game field, etc., but in general it was alright. Animation was a little choppy, but I guess even Pacman didn't have to be that smooth all the time. Especially if he turns into an addict :P

It was okay. Didn't wow me, but I didn't think it was overtly bad, either. Just didn't make me laugh, and so half the purpose of the flash is kind of gone.

-Review Request Club

PantyWipe responds:

Cool, but keep in mind this is a Kitty Krew flash.


I am really missing one of the funny KK preloaders here. Okay, the submission isn't that big, but I always liked the preloaders very much. ^^

Anyway, the submission is mildly funny. I think it should have been a bit longer and show how pacman is hooked on the morphine, this would have made the submission a lot better.

But I liked how you added the typical pacman sounds, it's always nice to hear those. :)

{ Review Request Club ]

PantyWipe responds:

Thank ya!


Man, the movie was pretty funny, I laughed a bit, but, KK is KK, you don't know if it's funny or not, but this one was a bit funny...

The sound is pretty good, it remembered me of playing Pac Man when I was 5, that was very nice, the graphics remembred me the game, too, but the better was that little joke, I laughed a lot, man, it was really funny, since Pac Man have always a malicious side...

Anyways, the movie was pretty well made, but you could improve it, it was way too short, and that end w/ that cat face was pretty nonsense for me, but, as a KK style submission, you made a perfect one... Keep it up man!! I wanna see more!!

(Review Request Club)

PantyWipe responds:


I love that you get that Im in the KK and we arent exactly all about trying to make the "Citizen Kane" of flash animations.