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EDIT: A bit late with this, but yay for front page. Wee.

Siblings mini-Episode 1: Pop a Cap!
Rob mimics a show on TV which leads to the fall of Johny.

As the title suggests, this isn't a full episode. Rather, it's a quick minute of Siblings to hold you over until episode 4 comes out (which shouldn't take more than a month to finish). I've practiced with making better playback features in this, but expect episode 4's to be better. Hover the mouse at the bottom of the flash window to reveal them. I've also figured out how to easily put subtitles in without taking up too much space (just uses a single frame movieclip and a variable, so simple I'm surprised I didn't think of it sooner), so those of you who are always wanting me to put those in can rest easy.

So I hope you guys enjoy this; Make sure to leave a review. I read and appreciate them all! (as long as they're actually reviews and not pointless spam)

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Again front of the knee for retest flexing. HAHAHA that was so good. WTH Jewbob ahhh it was spike hahaha.

to everyone

ive seen 6 chainmails this week so far, about "teddy" he is not real so stop

btw this is good make more

Bobert-Rob responds:

Teddy's a bastard. Unless he's a bear. Bears are good. Not chainmail bears though... and by chainmail, I mean the armor. Bears at war! RAAH!

btw thanks for the review, I'm working on more as we speak. :D


thats the most ive laughed in the longest time you gotta make more

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I really really like the animating, appearance of the characters, idea of the flash and just about everything else. It was really funny and I actually Laughed Out Loud. But it was sort of short, could of been longer so you might want to fix that up next time or just make it short... doesn't matter it was funny, well made and would gladly see another one. Would you please make more o:

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Oh but I can. And I will. In the meantime, you could always watch the first three episodes if you haven't yet... they're pretty good too. "Runesuck", "Don't Wake Robby", "Dog Daze of Boredom"... all good toons of good length. "Day of the Devil" is technically the first, but it's not very well animated. People still enjoyed it, though, so that's cool. Thanks for the review!

Short but pretty sweet

That was pretty short but sweet too.

I'm gonna try and avoid the obvious but state that I liked the joke, it was pretty funny but it didn't have that 'WOW" effect most short movies have.

I could see you put effort into getting the lip-syncing right and that's always a thumbs up. The thing I missed the most were some detail in the backgrounds. It was really empty and it looked as if there was a kitchen in a garage..

The rest was nicely done, I liked the weirdo ending and the mess up also in the extra's ;-)

I'll be on the look out for you episode 4..

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, good to hear you liked it! I'll have to work harder on the backgrounds, the house scenes in episode 4 are probably a little better, but the best backgrounds I've done for that cartoon are the ones of outside. Perhaps there's something I can do to help add depth to the indoor shots, though... I'll have to experiment with that. Thanks for the review!

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Sep 8, 2007
7:43 PM EDT
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